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Why Wholesale Ordering Software is Important for 2020

Introduction :

Being a manufacturer or a wholesale distributor, you might be aware of the struggles to keep up with big businesses and eCommerce giants.Businesses are looking for different ways to increase efficiency. One of the major aspects through which online sellers can expect efficiency gain is the ordering Software and fulfillment process.

In this digital world, if you are still following the traditional way of manually translating and typing order and then printing it on the paper, then you are on the wrong track. As people expect a faster process and delivery times. This aged old process will increase your delivery times, and the chances of more human errors. Most of the businesses with the ordering eCommerce software are sending their customers the invoice and tracking details through one single click. They don’t spend hours typing orders and maintaining, this reduces their order errors and fulfillment delays.


What is a Wholesale Ordering software or System?

The wholesale ordering system refers to eCommerce software which allows effortless online transactions in B2B space. Every business requirement and industry standards are different and so the wholesale ordering system is designed as such that it can take many forms. It’s a challenge choosing the right eCommerce software as it comes with varied features, industry standards, and cost. The best wholesale ordering software usually includes:

Web-based eCommerce ordering:

Your sales representative might not always be available for visiting customers every week to get reorders. Your buyer’s instant needs can be easily fulfilled if you give them an option to place the orders using the B2B eCommerce portal at their convenience.

Best technology for Field representative:

Sales representatives are the customer-facing frontlines of your wholesale business. They help you to build a strong business relationship by offering personalized service to the customers. They need to carry a smart conversation while keeping a note on other factors such as competition and pricing. The strategically made eCommerce inventory management software allows your sales reps to visit customer past notes, order history, inventory information, and provide them with instant discounts and pricing.

A single admin hub where all the orders are managed:

The wholesale ordering system should be compatible with all the devices, which would allow the customer to order on the go. The customer should easily access your software on a computer, laptop, mobile, tab or another device. Make sure that the eCommerce software can also have the option to integrate ERP and accounting system, this would speed up your fulfillment processes.

Features built for B2B:

While opting for a wholesale ordering system ensure that the software is built with B2B features. The customer should be able to do bulk ordering with different product variants, units of measure, specific pricing and promotion.

Features built for your industry:

Ensure that the wholesale ordering software you choose can accommodate the specific needs of your industry. If you are a company that sells cosmetics, then apparel ordering software might not be suitable for your business.


Why wholesale ordering software mandatory for an online business?

A wholesale ordering eCommerce software would have a greater impact on your business such as:


The best wholesale ordering software or inventory management software works well when it is integrated with your warehouse, inventory management, accounting software and shipping software. This helps to make the entire process automated and increases customer satisfaction.