Once a buyer clicks on “buy now”, the order journey begins. The journey goes through various background work before delivering it to the customers’ doorstep. The background journey can be complex and confusing when you have multichannel selling. Any wrong order, delay or wrong address can ruin a customer’s experience and chances to get them back again for purchase are very minimal.

Today’s business world is more complex than you thought. The unexpected challenges are waiting at every step, and the cutthroat competition makes the situation even worse. Is there a solution to it? Yes, the answer is multichannel order management.

Let’s Understand Order Management!

Order management is defined as the process of receiving it, then tracking it and fulfilling orders. In order to offer flawless services, the entire process must be streamlined and automated; otherwise, an increased number of orders can confuse and end-up creating a dreadful mess of orders.

Key Features of Multi-Channel Order Management Software:

Seamless Integrations

An ideal multichannel order management software should be able to connect your multiple selling platforms in a single software without adding third-party integration. By eliminating the third-party tool integration, one removes the disconnection for all. Plus, it helps to streamline the checkout process.

Inventory planning

Inventory planning is an essential feature for any business. Data-driven inventory planning is another essential feature of multichannel order management. With a few clicks, one can access all the data of the multiple channels on a single dashboard. With all the data, one can effectively plan different strategies for different channels.

Multi-Location Inventory Management      

Managing a multi-location inventory facility can be challenging, especially when you have limited resources. Lack of inventory control, miscommunication, and chances of other bottlenecks are very high; all these can prove to be costly mistakes in today’s business environment. Order management software proves to be a worthy investment to beat all these challenges. Since everything is managed on a single software, the above-mentioned obstacles can be solved with ease.

Reporting and Data Analysis

Data is a goldmine for today’s digital business. The order management software allows you to study all the data collected from the different sales channels. With data insights, one can plan different business strategies accordingly. Depth analytics allow you to study the business’s current situation, and you can understand which product is doing well and what product’s marketing plan needs to be revised. Making strategies only by guessing is nothing but just a dark hole, and we never wish to risk your business and profits.


Your order won’t stop even after working hours, which means the marketplace will operate even without the staff’s presence. The system will automatically take care of the inventory, payment processing, shipping label creation, etc. Automation will help in timely restocking, low inventory alert, etc., to continue the business without any pause. You can manage different sales channels on a single screen to create a great omnichannel customer experience.

Why Does Your Business Need Order Management software?

Businesses should be able to meet the needs and requirements of the evolving market, especially post-pandemic, as many businesses have shifted online, giving customers many choices. Following are some prime reasons why your business needs order management software:

Cost Efficiency

Order management software is a valuable investment for business as it minimises the staff’s manual labour work, lowers mistakes, lessens person-hours, and, most importantly, simplifies the entire process. It also saves a lot of time for your staff, which you can use elsewhere and boost the overall productivity and profits.

Greater Customer Experience

What makes your business stand out from the crowd is a great customer experience. According to Hubspot, 67% of repeat customers are more likely to spend with a brand due to their great customer service experience. In addition, a business powered by efficient order management software is more equipped to accept and fulfil more customer orders and thus a better experience.

Easy Access to Information

One of the best things about order management software is that it provides easy access to information to all the relevant parties. Unlike the traditional way where a sales rep will check out all spreadsheets to give you relevant details. The updated software will have all the relevant details with a few clicks.

Returns and Exchanges   

Returns and exchanges are an integral part of ecommerce business. After-sales also play an important role in making an impression about the services. Not many customers would like to return to a brand if they had a bad after-sales service experience. Do you know an order management software that can provide effective after-sales services? With the help of your order management software, your customers can easily proceed with the return process. Plus, your staff also possess the necessary tool to assess the complaints of unhappy customers and can offer returns, exchanges or reimbursements across all the channels.


We hope the article helps to highlight the importance of order management software for your multichannel sales. It not only makes customer service flawless but also benefits business owners to handle different business operations with ease. Sellershub is a leading order management softwares in the market. This comprehensive software allows us to meet the needs of small, medium and large sellers. Our team of experts is here to guide you through all the processes. Contact us today for more details.


  • Is the order management software suitable for my small business?

Irrespective of your business size, order management software helps businesses to carry out different operations quickly and efficiently.

  • What are the top features of an ideal order management software?

Seamless integration, data analytics, inventory planning, and multi-location warehouse management are some of the critical features of an ideal order management software.