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Why are you selling so dirty on Ecommerce websites?

How to sell effectively by looking into these minute details?

We live in a digital era where we have the ability to set up a basic online store within minutes. Many people may feel just listing their products and putting up some photos may attract them good business. But it doesn’t actually work that way. You have to put in a lot of work to make your brand recognizable in Ecommerce websites.

“Profit is not a purpose, it’s a result of your efforts. To have a purpose means the things you do, should be of real value to others.”

 While selling Online sell exclusively not dirty in Ecommerce websites

Important points to know when you are selling on your own website in Ecommerce websites

Obviously, you may have the best designer for your website and you might have all the products placed properly. But there are these two points people usually miss while selling online:

Is your site workable on all browsers and compatible with all devices???

There are many websites that work well on google chrome but have certain alignment issues when viewed using Mozilla Firefox and internet explorer. Customer may come into your website through any of the browsers as per their access convenience, at that time the response rate of the webpage should be good. The webpage while opening should not look in a haphazard way due to compatibility issues otherwise customer easily loses interest. Also, it should be compatible with every device that includes desktop, laptop, Tab and smartphone.

Are your products easily searchable???

Many times, customers browse through many sites and come to your webpage only to find that what they are searching for is not easily searchable on your site. Make your product easily searchable by adding search field icon at the right top corner of the webpage. The customer may search a product with different names. Adjustments and keyword insertions should be done so that the customer should easily get what they are searching.

Important points on Images

importance news on image

 Images matter a lot in the eCommerce business. When used effectively it can drive great sales as it conveys vital information. Most of the sellers ignore this aspect as well and upload images that don’t offer clarity and easily understandable by the audience.

Zoom in feature

Products easily searchable

When it comes to buying a product online, people like to view minute details about the product. An example of a sofa below where you can get a close-up view of the texture as well. There are some zoom tools available online, you can check out that or else if you buy a multichannel software it comes free with it.


Add High-quality Images

high quality image

Quality images reflect the quality of your product. The way you show your product while adding up some ideas like the images below. First, it was just a picture of a bed, then the next image is of the bed with accessories. Here people start imagining about how the product will look and fit their place. Its just about showing your product in the best possible light.

Images with different angles

Images of the same product with different angles create a greater impact on the audience. It conveys the information very easily as the customer gets the clarity of how the product would be better for them. Suppose you are selling some branded shoes, you can show the shoe sole and the different shoe angles.

Show the product in Use

While this post is about images and not videos. So, we can show how the product would look like when it is in use. People imagine about the uses of the product when they intend to buy it. So, make them imagine your way. For example, how the office chair below is best useful in many ways.

Pricing is confusing and payments methods do not seem to be reliable

Most of the time customers abandon the cart as they feel the pricing is confusing and the payment methods, they are viewing are not reliable. There is an easy solution for this, you can try the multichannel software where you don’t need to take the headache of proper pricing displays. You just need to insert your minimum and maximum pricing. The software will manage your product pricing while automatically updating the pricing at frequent intervals as your competitor changes the pricing. Also, the pricing tabs are properly placed and displayed in a systematic way.

After your website designing or the listing of the products into different ecommerce websites gets completed, make sure your product is easily viewable to the target audience. The images are properly updated and the pricing is easily understandable. Do several testings’ like you can see if it’s working on other browsers? Are the search filters working? Are the payment gateways working fine? Make a sample payment to check if all the operations are smooth.