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What is a Multichannel Order Management Software & Centralized OMS Application

A few years back, sellers used to receive direct orders from their customers from catalogs and so this Catalog Management System got introduced. But with time, as retail giants like Amazon and eBay emerged to be the major eCommerce store in the online world, there aroused the need for a streamlined system which is now called as Centralized order Management application or order management software system.

Sellers started selling not only on a single channel but onto multiple marketplaces.Some of the sellers also had their own online store as well as physical store.

The OMS system is not just the order management application. It’s the best business management tool that helps to keep your vital data and run the processes in one unified system.

What does this Centralized Order management application do?

Let’s take a look on a normal product transaction between a seller and the buyer and how this multichannel order management software helps to keep a check on all processes and also know how it helps you control the entire system:

The customer browses through the product

Whether it’s a brick and mortar store or an online store, the customer would go through many products just to see what you are offering and which products best fit their requirement. It frequently updates the inventory numbers as any order comes in or you update the stock.



Then comes the order processing

Your multichannel order management software generates a unique tracking code for your customers, that gets linked with their order. The OMS application updates your projected sales with this order.

Payment by the customer

The OMS also generate an automated invoice and even sends the invoice copy on the customer email ID. Payment information is also verified within this platform.

The shipping process begins

Obviously, the customer gets the option of doorstep delivery while shopping online. When done manually will require huge manpower, that would extract huge money.


An order management application software includes all the necessary modules required to run the internal operations of a business. If you don’t have a unified multichannel order management software then your business would require to use separate tools for

Every business has its own unique ways of working and needs, KartzHub’s best OMS application software very well adapts to your business needs. You can even customize the multichannel order management software depending upon your business needs.

The Centralized Order Management Application software can easily Integrate with other systems


With KartzHub’s centralized multichannel order management software you can integrate with all your existing system.  Thus, making your already existing system more automated and cost-effective.

Through KartzHub, you can make your selling endeavors more powerful and very much easier to manage.

There are many other tools that come with the KartzHub software that help to make your product or brand stand out among your competitors.

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