What are the Advantages and Disadvantages of Multichannel eCommerce Platform

Multichannel eCommerce sells products on more than one channel online. Traditionally, multichannel involves selling goods through brick-and-mortar stores, internet activity, and catalogues. Modern consumers have modern expectations, but only 73% of marketers have a multichannel strategy. To branch out business, it is necessary to offer multichannel ecommerce platform selling. Growing retail business is all about moving beyond the website and exploring new channels like websites, social media, ecommerce marketplace, etc.

Advantages of Multichannel eCommerce

Target Consumers at Different Stages

Not all buyers share the same journey; some wish to buy from a website, some from a marketplace, some shopkeepers, and some other platforms. When you limit your sales to a single channel, then the chances are that you might be missing a large percentage of potential sellers on other platforms. But when you sell on multichannel, you get huge coverage and chances that sales volumes turn up.

More Revenue

Selling on multiple sales channels increases sales opportunities; if one channel is not generating income, then multiple channels help generate revenue. This diversifies the risks and threats associated with it. Multiple channels can help you to sustain yourself in the market for the long run.

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Disadvantages of Multichannel eCommerce

Management of Multiple Sales Channels

It isn’t easy to manage multiple sales channels single-handedly. Managing different excel sheets and tools is not an easy thing. One of the best solutions to manage multiple ecommerce channels is through software that helps handle multiple channels on a single dashboard.

Customer Experience

Managing your brand and overall customer experience is not everyone’s cup of tea. However, with the additional sales channels, it becomes a real task. In addition, an inconsistent customer experience damages the brand’s reputation, making it difficult to get trusted by potential customers.

Inventory Management

Both overstock and understock can be dangerous. With understock, the business cannot fulfil orders on time, which damages the brand’s reputation. While in the overstock situation, business owners have to pay extra money to the third-party warehouse, and the chances are that products may remain unsold, which also causes financial loss.


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