Labor Productivity

Improve Warehouse
Space Utilization

Improve Inventory
Visibility and Accuracy

Increase On-Time

Multi warehouse Management System Helps Pick Orders From Multiple Locations

If you have more than one Warehouse, Sellershub is the place to integrate all of them into one place.
While a basic warehouse software only manages the stock location and stock level of the goods in a warehouse, an advanced warehouse management software like Sellershub understands the dynamism required in a Warehouse Management System (WMS) solution which operates in an omni-channel retail scenario where virtual and physical marketplaces overlap each other, and the difference between the sales channels are blurring.


Faster Shipments

Fulfilling orders of a location at a faster pace by shipping through one of the nearest Warehouses would increase customer satisfaction and drive repeat purchases

Faster Fulfillments

Avoid delays of fulfillment and shipments during peak seasons by re-routing to another warehouse.
We understand that warehouse operations are the backbone of any business. E-commerce retail relies heavily on warehouse efficiency.

Inventory Agglomeration

Sellershub’s amazing warehouse management system helps to increase the inventory exposure by agglomerating inventory from all the warehouses. No more stock-outs while your inventory lies idle in your other warehouses.
The Sellershub warehousing software assists in centralizing the crucial tasks such as maintaining healthy stock levels automatically and location-allocation in multiple warehouse sites along with real-time inventory management, automated purchase management, routing and tracking of shipments, order management from multiple POS etc.


Assign or process particular
Order to ship from specific


Real-time stock sync
happens across all
the warehouses


Integrate more than one
warehouse and ship it


Manage inventory centrally by
analyzing demand location
wise and maintaining stock
levels accordingly.


Have no risk of overstocking,
understocking and deadstock with
an eye on all incoming & outgoing


Highly configurable and
adaptable shipping workflows
to ensure the fastest fulfillment
of your orders.