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Want to sell on international markets, but need help on Localization?

For many of you is a small online business may feel that international markets are reserved for the big boxes who can afford the strategies and resources of the multilingual market. Of course, while selling globally you need to look at several factors like promoting your product in localized language, currency, time, logistics, and many more such things. Just because you are quite not ready to go fully multilingual on your products and marketing, that doesn’t mean that you don’t have a chance to sell on international markets.

A little change can help you operate internationally and reach international buyers. Being in the UK you can reach to potential customers of India, US, Malaysia, Singapore, and many more. But you need to follow various laws set by the particular country.

Regional laws you need to understand while selling on another country:

While you are opting to reach the global audience, you should be aware of the regional regulations on sales tactics, advertising, and products.

Advertising Regulations:  In some countries, advertising for certain specific products needs approval by the particular governing body. If you are advertising for a pharmaceutical product then you must get the approval by local health ministries.

While comparative advertising in some of the countries is not acceptable. For example, US is completely relaxed of the phrases like “Best” if you are comparing with other brands while Germany has strict principles on this type of messaging.

Sales tactics regulations: Various sales tactics like “Buy one get one free”, striking deals, and discounts are structured differently across borders. Make sure your sales tactics don’t conflict with the local laws.

Product Laws: While you are selling internationally you should be aware of the product development laws that country is following regarding the safety performance, packaging designs, sizes, languages and material used. For example, chemical makeup – some of the products used in the makeup may be banned on a particular country.

These are some of the regional laws you need to look into while selling on international markets.

While other factors for creating the best eCommerce strategy that combines a scalable backend, automated inventory processes, worldwide reach, and personal experiences would be taken care of by KartzHub Cloud-based multi-management software as the software will provide you:

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