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Bounce rate is a familiar problem faced by many online sellers. Visitors land to your product page, hang around for a few seconds, look at the products, and then leave the page without knowing the specification, benefits, and deals of the product. The average bounce rate for an eCommerce business is 14.3% minimum to a maximum of 68%.

Below are the best practices that should be followed in order to increase customer engagement

Provide the best site search solution for an eCommerce business to reduce Bounce rate  

Your search box should have a length of more than 27 characters like Amazon’s e-commerce business has 59 characters in order to show up the right result at the customer end. Site search is the major factor affecting the user experience.


Speed is King

The lethargic loading of a website can lead to ample bouncing rates. People of this generation lack in terms of patience and your website or product page should be able to show instant results to reduce the bounce rate. As per the statistics, slow websites and product pages experience 72% higher bounce rate as compared with fast loaders. Also, it is observed that fast-loading sites score high on search rankings as well. Site speed is a very important factor when It comes to reducing the bounce rate of a website. There are many such tools that would let you know the speed of your website.

The timing of your ad-boxes

Imagine you just entered a store. You are walking and exploring the products in that store and suddenly a man appears and gives you the feedback form while asking you to give the inputs about

  • What did you like in the store?
  • Would you recommend it to your friend?
  • Would you like to subscribe to our membership card?

If you possess infinite patience you would just ask him to give you some space and down in the mind would never like to visit the store again. Like the salesman the modal or the ad-boxes which pop-ups on some of the website as soon as you click the link, are not liked by most of the audience. But for some instances like if you offering a striking deal it may increase your conversions. Your pop-up should be on-time (not too early and not too late), which may not be disliked by the customer and the chances of conversion may go high.

Display Discounts/ top deals/ offers and the right place

In order to keep the visitors hooked to your website play the urgency game. Display your best deals at the right place may be at the top side of the product page.


Access information leads to distractions

Too many choices and information often confuse people and, in the process, make the customer end up visiting other online stores. Keep the information crisp and short. Simplify the design of your webpage and reduce distractions.

Navigation-A cakewalk

Design your webpage or product page with a clear navigation menu where visitors can automatically look for them. Test the placement of the menu bar – either horizontal on the top or vertical on left. Good navigation would increase customer engagement and might lead to conversions as well.

An advertisement should not be disturbing

If you have advertisements running on your website, place them at a position that won’t disturb the visitors during checking out a product. When a visitor tries to read the information about the product and an ad pops-up every now and then, he might develop a feeling of running away from your website.

Your website should possess a good responsive design

Visitors may access your website may be from a desktop, laptop, or smartphone. Your website should be highly responsive on all of these devices. Responsive web design provides the ideal viewing experience even if you are viewing it on different devices and browsers. Check out Google Analytics to know how much traffic you receive from laptops, mobiles, and tablets.

These are some of the main factors that contribute to the engagement of customers. Other factors like highlighting the add to cart button, avoid the autoplay of the videos on your webpage, offering Live chat are also important to make sure the bounce rates are not increasing.