Want to make your first sale online? Here are few tips to achieve success

Once you have decided on the products and then selected the best marketplaces to sell the products, the next step would probably be how to drive the sales to your store?

Retailers who are successful in this online world did not just launch their store and hoped that everything would go well and business would come easily to them. They tried multiple marketing strategies failed in a few and got success in some of them which they finally chose as their best marketing tool to run their business.

Being new to this industry if you are short of ideas in order to achieve that first online sale, then check out the list we have put together of the best methods that will help you achieve success.

Email Newsletter:

A regular newsletter to the audience is the best way to let the customers know about you. The newsletter should have the first few lines of some of your latest blogs, where people can receive some knowledge out of it and then include the product below and link to “View more details”.

Regular newsletter to the E-mail addresses would help to build your product reputation and would nurture your relationship with your subscribers.

Now the question is how to collect the E-mail addresses:

  • Drive traffic to the page where the audience can subscribe for a newsletter like putting up ads.
  • Offer discount coupons to the audience in exchange for an email address.
  • Hold a contest on Facebook where you can give some free gifts to the winners.

 Send a drip email:

You can set up a drip email sequence. If you get a new subscriber, then you can set up certain emails that are catchy and knowledgeable. These emails would be automatically sent to the new subscribers at frequent intervals maybe for a week or month, where they will get to know about your product and services.

Holiday and seasonal promotions:

Don’t loosen the touch with your subscribers. Send them timely notifications of the upcoming holidays and the special offers you are offering to them. For example Spring clearance sale, Mother’s Day, friendships day, Christmas sale, and many more.

Write a Blog:

Write the best blog about your product and what benefits it can offer to the users. You can promote your multiple products on this blog. But, note the blog should be interesting, eye-catching, and should be of your customer interest. For example, You can show how your product is made from start to finish, which may interest the customer.

Subscriber discount:

Whether you send a newsletter or emails with special promotions, you can offer more discounts to your subscribers to boost their motivation and make the purchase. Provide a code and notify them that it’s only available for a certain time period.

Facebook and Instagram ads:

Facebook has a unique way of advertising where you can select your set of audiences, your budget, and run time. Design a catchy ad and customize your ads as per your choice to reach the target audience.

Set up Google Ad words:

Google Ad Words is one of the most established advertising tools online. Due to its complex working, during the initial phase of the marketing activities, many of you may skip this form of advertising. But you may receive a targeted audience from this type of advertising. In Google Ad Words, constant monitoring and doing necessary changes to the campaign is important in order to reach the right audience.

But again, the ultimate goal for online sales to grow is to learn about new channels where you can promote your products and not expect profit from every channel.

If you have not executed these strategies yet, then here is the time to start and get your first online sale and get busy in fulfilling the orders.