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Want to increase your product page conversion – Follow these simple tips

The product page visits are the first thing that an eCommerce business should concentrate on. The visit to the page happens when you are on the right track by doing a lot of work like engaging in promotional activities, strategic pricing, and showcasing high-quality product photos. So, don’t lose this opportunity and make the page appealing enough in order to increase the product page conversion rates.

Millennials as compared to Generation X and baby boomers are the most active shoppers online. In order to win their trust, you need to put some efforts on your product page.

While structuring a product page, you need to be sure that your sales message should talk to people on a personal level. Stick on to the below points to make your product page conversion interesting:

Story telling:

story telling product page

Elaborating about the product by telling a short story is the best way to engage the audience to your site. Crafting a story about the product followed by the product description would increase your conversions.

Reviews and trust seals:


trust badge

Cybersecurity threats, credit card frauds and personal information being stolen by hackers are becoming a major threat among online buyers. People fear before providing any such information online and this affects even the trustworthy sellers.

If you want that the visitors should buy your product then you should be able to provide trust badges and SSL certificates which add to the approval in the eyes of the customers. These badges ensure that the personal information of the customers is safe.

Genuine product reviews guarantee 10% higher conversion rate than the product which doesn’t have one. By requesting the customers to give product reviews will help to build trust on the new customers. These testimonials can be used as a social media marketing instrument as well.

Correctly place your Add to Cart button:

Add to cart button

Add to cart/ Buy now button should be correctly placed, while the customer is checking out the product. The button should have the color combination and fonts that can be easily viewable by the customer.

Video marketing:

video marketing

Adults spend more than five hours a day watching video content online. Many companies have already started posting the video content which promotes their product. A short video can bring your product to life, which can appeal people and thus making the chances of buying the product increases.

Your image should speak:

As videos are liked by people and so is the image. People scroll and enlarge the image just to see if the product is up to the mark. Try to provide a high-quality image that has a closeup and zoom function. Add multiple images of the product from different angles. This helps to provide a better idea and feel of the product.

If you have just started your E-commerce business then your journey should have all these aspects in order to increase the conversion rate. Follow these tips to increase the credibility of your product.