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Want to improve your marketplaces orders & inventory management

Inventory management

A successful eCommerce business is not confined to just populating inventory and building a digital storefront. It requires engagement with every nook and corner of the business that may be order management, listing, inventory, shipping, and accounting. Failure in addressing any of these aspects may lead to utter confusion and loss of time as well as money.

When you have multiple products, warehouses, and staff, it’s vital to have the complete knowledge of the entire process going on at the backend and frontend for that you should have a centralized software which you can access anywhere even if you are at home or on holiday.

So, let us see now how to better manage the eBay and Amazon orders and backend processes.

Software Matters

Specialty software is the need of today’s world if you have multiple products and warehouses. There are many software’s introduced in the market. But opt for the software like KartzHub that fulfills all your selling needs. The software suite should be having the capability of:

Cut on Extended Lead times

Your orders and inventory hinge on manufacturer or suppliers lead times. Customers don’t like waiting and hence these lead times need to be reduced and controlled. This might include changing vendors or suppliers in some cases. Research and be updated every time about other companies and new vendors that may offer the product at a lower cost or might offer products at the same cost with fewer delivery times.

If your warehouse inventory is causing delay and is unmanageable you can even opt for the drop shipping method that will help you to have a faster order fulfillment.

Customize Seasonal hacks

Some products might sell more during summer while they might not be able to gather many audiences during winters. In this case, you need to analyze the seasonal changes and according to that customize your inventory and order management as per the trends.

Impact of your promotional activities on your inventory and order fulfillment

Inventory Management

Order Management

Promotional activities like offering heavy discounts and giving away freebies may lead to an increase in sales. But if your promotion gathers high demand and ample of orders are pouring in then you should have the backup plan to fulfill every order efficiently and on-time as delays in order and out of stock conditions may lead to angry and dissatisfied customers which may damage your reputation and increase the negative reviews.


These are some of the important things you should look on in order to improve your marketplaces like Amazon and eBay orders and inventory. The most crucial part is a seller who has to be proactive in order to analyze the market and stay ahead in the competition.