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UK Customers turn their backs on websites having bad tech

 Turn their backs on websites having bad tech

Recent research revealed that among more than 2000 UK adults claimed how a good online and mobile technology influences the success of a business with out any bad tech.

When asked, about 59% of UK adults were of the view that they would leave a business website in just 30 seconds if the website is either ugly or difficult to navigate. Whereas, 24% of customers said that in the last five years they have switched loyalty from one company to a competitor if they found that it delivers good technology with better customer experience.

The study reveals that 47% buying strategy and trust on a particular brand depends upon the website flexibility and app, while 52% of people said they would first research about the business online before deciding to spend their money.

Looking into different surveys and research it is very vital for a company whether it’s small or big business to make a digital solution with excellent customer experience so that they can attract more traffic and audience.

This divulges the reason why big giants like Amazon are popular among the customers, also why people always head towards and trust Amazon to buy things without even worrying about the cost as they have trust on the product price as well.


A company prioritizing its tech risks by providing a slicker online or mobile experience to the customer would have more chances of retaining its hard-earned consumers.