Top Few tips for a better Amazon inventory management

Manage your selling through the Amazon inventory management tool in a few steps

AMAZON SUSPENDEDTo stay on the top of Amazon’s search listing and drive maximum sales, it is important for a seller to master the entire process of selling. KartzHub offers the best Amazon inventory management tool that helps the sellers to keep their product in stock and unceasing amazon sales flowing. Inventory management involves more than just listing and counting the products in Amazon sellers Central, factors like cash flow, order volume, and sales forecasting all play a major role.

So, let us see what are the drawbacks of not maintaining inventory properly and how efficiently you can manage your Amazon sales with a few tips

Hazards of running out of stock in Amazon and how Amazon inventory management tool helps

Staying out of stock in other stores or your own website may equate to a loss of sales for a particular item. But on Amazon, out of stock can have a serious impact not only on your present sales but future sales and product listing as well.

Three major problems you face when you are out of stock for a fast-selling and well-ranked product on Amazon

Lost Sales = Lost income

When you don’t have a product in stock obviously you cannot sell. But running out of stock for a particular product is more damaging to your sales than being out of stock on other eCommerce websites. On Amazon, you cannot accept orders when your inventory is reflecting 0 stock and at this time your sales stop until you have the product back in stock.

Unlike Amazon, if you are selling products from your own website, you have complete control of everything. You can label an item that is out of stock, list the expected arrival date, accept backorders and ship the product on arrival, but in Amazon, you don’t have this flexibility. Amazon marketplace integration with Kartzhub’s centralized inventory management software will alert you when your stock levels are low thus helping you to stay always on the top in search results.

Zero Stock = Drop-in Product ranking

If you sell niche products with little competition, occasionally being out of stock may not affect the search results. But, if you have many competitors in your category, then zero stock does affect your shopping results. While selling on Amazon, its algorithm depends on many factors and product availability plays a major role. So, if your stocks are often low you will find your listings would automatically knockdown in the rankings, even when you have the stock.

No Sales = No new Seller & Product Reviews

Obviously, no sales will attract no new seller reviews from shoppers. This may seem a normal thing for many sellers but most of the shoppers rely on the reviews and ratings for purchasing any product. Also, newer reviews boost the search results in Amazon while attracting buyers.

Amazon Inventory management tools to maintain & track the stock levels

Amazon provides great inventory features that every Amazon seller should be familiar with. After all, Amazon is known as the most undisputed leader in terms of data management among eCommerce platforms.

If you want to manage inventory via a third-party system it easily ties the data to your centralized inventory management dashboard. Amazon marketplace integration with KartzHub can be done through simple clicks. But, to be successful in managing the inventory you need to be clear with the controls of sellers central and the data that Amazon provides.

When you manage your Amazon sellers central account via KartzHub it assists sellers in many ways. As it is a powerful centralized inventory management tool, you can get a quick review of sales trends, the number of days your current stock levels can cover, and also accurately forecast your inventory purchases based on your actual sales data.
KartzHub’s centralized inventory management software sends you Low stock alerts via mobile app or email. This helps you to know when is the right time to reorder the products thus minimizing zero stock status and avoiding lower search rankings as well as lost sales.

KartzHub also offers the tools for inventory forecasting that helps you to predict how much inventory you will need when you place an order. Forecasting is done on the basis of your sales trends and reordered quantities. Based on your actual Amazon Sales and inventory levels it reorders the particular product.  However, while deciding on how much to reorder a particular product other factors should also be noted like seasonal demands, trends, and holidays that may also affect your stock levels.