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Top Advanced marketing ways to promote your product page at Amazon

Top ways for a better Amazon product marketing

One of the remarkable aspects of selling on Amazon is that you don’t have to work too much. Amazon itself droves too much of heavy traffic to its website. What you want more than Traffic??? Traffic is the pool of buyer who is ready to purchase product page things that fit their needs.

When a customer reaches the Amazon product page, they have the mindset of buying the product. The Amazon product page should be well managed and strategically made.

                            “Do you know – The conversion rate on Amazon Product Page is 15% and that is 3-5 times better number than other Ecommerce websites.”
The recent changes with Amazon Product Marketing

The recent update that occurred on Amazon was in summer 2017. Amazon has lowered the character indexing limit to 250 for backend searches.

We are also going to put some light on the New Enhanced content for product description page in this blog – Currently, this comes as free in Amazon.

Advanced Amazon product page marketing ways

 Product Judgement is done through the title of a listing

The first step in your selling to attract the audience is to have a clear-cut crisp title. This title not only should put a light on what you are selling but should also attract the audience.

                                                      Amazon allows your Title to be between 150-250 characters, but it wants your title to be shorter and to the point descriptive.

So, you have plenty of room to just play with keywords and thus help your product to rank higher. Use keywords that are often used by the buyers while searching that particular product. For that, you need to compulsory do some market research that would include keyword research as well.

Below are some of the important elements to include in the title of your Amazon Product Page:

For example, if you’re selling a Pink baby Diaper the title should be like this:

Comfortable 5-star rated Pink Baby Diaper – Comfortable for Baby – Easy for Parents – Set of 10 Diapers from “Your brand name”.

The main goal behind the Title of Amazon Product Page is:


But at the same time don’t jam your title with too many keywords in the wake that it may strike with some or the other keyword searched by the audience. That really doesn’t make sense. Your title should not be confusing it should be easily readable and should tell what exactly your product is.

Tools for Relevant Keyword Search

Another thing you can do is type a keyword in Amazon’s search bar and look for results that are “recommended” in search items. This is called Amazon’s A9 algorithm. You would be able to see the most popular related terms in this index.

related terms in this index


Invest in best Images – They serve as an emotional recognition tool

Another crucial factor of an Amazon Product marketing page are the images.

                                     “Images are the foremost driving factor that enables a shopper to either click on your listing or keeps on scrolling until they find something attractive.”

To capture the buyer attention your product page should have attractive and high-quality images. Spend some time and invest in professional photography or use these basic photography tips if you have budget issues.

In your online store you can use images as per your choice but while using images in Amazon you should strictly follow its rule. This rule impacts the A9 algorithm at large which helps to rank your products.

Amazon Product marketing image rules

Amazon tests everything even how the sellers display the images. It has a rule that the main image should be the product image only, that too on a white background. This enables the search results of Amazon to appear uniform, uncluttered and clear. The reason behind displaying the product on a white background is that Amazon realized that in their early day’s visitors bought more products because of the images on white background.

Also, it should not include any texts such as “organic” or “Made in the UK”. Images are the determining factor so use wisely. Amazon allows between 5-9 images depending upon your product category and type.

                            “Make an effort to maximize the use of product images. But, don’t use inferior images to fill up the spaces.”

Secondary Images should include:

The minimum image size allowed by Amazon is of 1000 x 1000 pixels and the maximum is of 2000 x 2000 pixels. This allows the buyers to enlarge the image and scroll through the minute details of the product.

Bullets Points – Another important feature of Amazon Product marketing

If the buyers are not much convinced with your Amazon product marketing page title and images then the next step to woo them is through bullet points. The bullet points on Amazon product marketing page is very straightforward. It gives five bullet points spaces. But it does not mean you are limited to only five sentences.

                      “Use short paragraphs of up to four sentences to maximize the use of bullet points. Address some common queries that often refrain someone to buy the product.”


Remember to update the bullet point often. Include the best possible answers for the queries you receive as complaints through reviews. The first three bullet points of your Amazon product marketing page should highlight the most important features. While use fourth and fifth bullet points to answer the frequently asked queries.

The important point to note:

Amazon does not allow its seller to offer any kind of seller warranty. But it does allow to include the manufacturer warranty in the listing.

For Engagement Use basic HTML

To turn the visitor into a buyer, product description page is your last chance. The product description is very much highlighted on other eCommerce sites.

In product description page Amazon allows basic HTML, which includes:

Use basic HTML markup provided by the Amazon to highlight phrases or words, that helps to make your description easier to read and understand.

Enhanced Brand Content

Enhanced brand content was specially reserved only for products that were sold by Amazon and also for those sellers in the Vendor program. Now the other sellers can also use this program through the Seller Central.

“This Program allows the sellers to enhance the product description with additional photos and comparison charts.”

Enhanced brand content comes at no additional cost, so it is recommended for every seller to take complete advantage of it.

The new enhanced Brand content modules are:

Example of Enhanced Brand Content on Amazon

Brand Content on Amazon

Above are the basic requirements of Amazon Product marketing that should be fulfilled in order to attract more customers. Frequent testing is also very important to make sure you receive maximum benefits from the opportunity.