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The Latest Trends for eCommerce Product Photography for 2019

Want a consistent and appealing eCommerce Product Photography, Try this out

You might have just browsed an online store only because a beautiful image showed up on Facebook. You felt to click the image because of the fact that it was extraordinarily appealing to you Product Photography .

This is how a perfect eCommerce Product Photography makes wonders!!!

                                             “An image is worth a thousand words”

 Good eCommerce Product Photography

attracts the right audience, tells a story about the product, displays the store in a positive way, and raises the quality of the store.

Bad eCommerce Product Photography

turns the visitors off, erodes trust, displays deluded information to the customers, thus increasing the product returns and hurting your bottom line.

Customer Behavior: While browsing through products, a customer would find short-cuts to know about the product in the least possible time. To gather the information in limited time their attention naturally gravitates to the images. Very less percentage of people would read information for minute details.

Product images testify that the product is of great quality and imparts your transparency and trustworthiness.

Two images that should be used across product pages and various marketing channels

White Background or Product-only images:

Best suited for product pages these type of images increases your rate of conversion. This should include your featured product and the images should be taken from different angles as in the below image.

kartzhub productsThe main purpose of this product-only image is to show your product in the best light from every angle. The Product-only images give clarity to the audience, about its complete appearance, as they analyze every angle.

Usually shot on a white background it helps to create a consistent look across your product line. The images give a short description of your product. The main purpose of these images is to attract visitors and help them in their buying decision.

Lifestyle or in-context photos:

Best suited for blog posts, social media posts, emails, and other marketing channels, in-context photos help to boost emotional engagement. This would show the usage of your product in the intended environment or the way it compliments other products. The product image displayed below is the lifestyle shot.

kartzhub product photograghy

Lifestyle or in-context photos gives you the opportunity to be more creative with your product image. Use a camera with or without a tripod and do the eCommerce product photography outdoors in a setting which perfectly suits your brand.

For outdoor shooting use natural light to be in the budget. It’s better to do product shootings in early mornings or late afternoons, at the time where light is filtered at a smaller angle.

 The above two types of images are useful for product branding in
In this article, we will be going to see how to take images that would help you

Let’s see how to develop a perfect eCommerce Product Photography. The tips that we are going to show doesn’t need a large budget.

For those who are new to eCommerce product photography, the first few hours of the shoot might be overwhelming. Then after some few shots, it might look more natural and you may yourself put some more creative ideas.

Setup a background and the product for the eCommerce Product Photography

Its more important to set the right background, as it simplifies your editing procedure. Probably use a light or white backdrop as it becomes easy during retouching of your image.


Improvising the background can be done in cost-effective ways using budget tools like Pixc.

Arrange a proper shooting table for eCommerce Product photography


For this, you just need a roll of craft paper. The simplest way to do this is, that push a table or chair against a wall. Tap the craft paper on the wall and then allowing it naturally fall on the table or on the ground. You can even clip the paper on top of the chair as shown in the picture above.

Light tent for eCommerce Product Photography

Another budgeted photography is to create a light tent or a lightbox. The light box allows to evenly distribute the light around the object of photography.

kartzhub products


Let’s see how to set up a lightbox

Setting up your product for eCommerce Product Photography

Setup your product in front of a plain background on a flat surface. If you have budget issues, you can use cardboard, for setting up the products like jewelry. Jewelry may include displaying an earring or a necklace, but its always best to use a mannequin.

Few ideas for items that are difficult to photograph:


How to use a camera??

Use a tripod if it’s in your budget as it offers stability, consistency and focus. Holding the camera in your hand may most of the time end up with blurry images. Another idea is to use a stool or pile of books for fixing the camera at one place for that budgeted stability.

Post-Processing of eCommerce Product Photography

For a more polished look, it’s mandatory to do a bit of retouching. Thanks to the array of free image editing tools available online, you can use them to remove even the slightest flaw effortlessly. Retouching covers anything from mannequin removal, color correction, background removal to shadow addition that gives a more natural look.

If you are new to photo editing, you should be aware that it is a very time-consuming process. But with time and practice, you will get a hang of it.

Use an image Guide

Document everything (even the minute details) during your eCommerce Product Photography process. It should also include the different camera angles you have used, the distance between the camera and the product for the perfect picture and lightening setup. This would be a one-time effort but would help you for the long run, while every time you do the eCommerce Product Photography.

During editing, note the exact size and scale you are using so that you don’t waste time on deciding the size every time you edit.

Create a style guide that should include:

Share this guide that includes all the details to everyone involved in your product photo shoot, so that you save enough time and with that obvious money.  When everything for eCommerce product photography is in place, you can invest your valuable time in a more profitable task that would help grow your business.

Now coming to the uploading part, if you are launching a store using platforms like WordPress, WooCommerce, Magento, and others then image uploading and color adjustments are some of the simplest tools available.