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Shopify now offers easy checkouts with google pay

Shopify, the first-ever platform to integrate with Google pay in order to have a smooth checkout. Merchants using Shopify would benefit from this maneuver as they would have the opportunity to receive payments via the android system and experience enhanced checkouts. This is the first of its kind that uses mobile-first design.

The integration with google pay would ease out the checkout process for the shoppers and will include fewer steps. As per the statement by Shopify, approximately 70% of the traffic to the online store using Shopify as their shopping cart comes from the mobile device. So, to attract more traffic towards the store it is important to make the checkout process more mobile friendly.

Shopify merchants can now enable the Google pay in their accounts by simply going to the store settings and with a single click can unlock the new checkout experience and thus improve the checkout conversion rates. When customers observe certain obstacles during the checkout process they usually choose to abandon their carts while shopping on a mobile device. In order to avoid such instances, Shopify has enabled this tool for a great customer experience and to tackle the toughest challenge of “Cart abandonment”.