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what Sellershub can do for you?

Whether you’re a one man team or a huge organisation, having the right system to assist you with your eCommerce business is essentail. We helped many businesses and thats why we are keen to help you with truly automated operations for your business.

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Why choose us

automation software


What Makes us different? Our Unique multichannel automation software, outstanding expertise, and cloud-based technology make your Online Sales fully unified.

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We have been in business for over 5 years and our team has been in the eCommerce industry for over 11. Our greatest asset is our experince combined with the experince of our sellers. We talk your language when its comes to eCommerce.

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We have grown from the ground up and recently 4 of the amazon top 100 sellers have been taken on as our advisors. We understand eCommerce from your percepctive not just the perceptive of a software developer.

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We work hard to ensure our clients know we are here for them so they can work to bigger goals. Changes are regulary taking place and we are happy to show you.

services we offer

Inventory Management

A sale on one marketplace affects the stock level on all other marketplaces.That is why you need centralized inventory management because stock coming in and doing out should be a neat and organized process.

inventory management
listing management

Listing Management

Gone are the days were you log into each marketplace separately to list your products. The option of one click listing is now a reality.

nventory is synched in real-time as orders are processed from connected selling channels, this means you have accurate inventory levels.

Order Management

Order management can be a daunting task. We’ve studied the warehouse management of the 12 Amazon top 100 sellers and optimize our system with Automation to the processing you.

Now Invest your time more on growing your orders rather than managing it. Streamline your Orders methodically while managing purchase orders, inventory updates, packaging, and shipment at the tip of your hands.

order management
shipping management

Shipping Management

We understand the need for more options when it comes to shipping and getting the correct label everytime is what we do. Tracking numbers and status updates flow right back to your marketplaces from so rest assured there no rrom for errors.

Sellershub will help to eliminate the long wait for shipping because of the increased order volume, incorrect estimation of shipping costs, mounting number of order returns, among others.

Accounting Software

Online sellers need online accounting because we are picking you all your data, it’s only fair we allow you to connect your online accounting systems for seamless data upload.

On the other hand, receiving and analyzing your reports is also important. Sellershub has a beautiful and intelligent dashboard that gives overall statistics for all your Multi-Channel Sales.

accounting software
multichannel management

Multichannel Management

Amazon is happy to work with systems like us to make your lives as a seller much easier. This is why we are able to collait your orders and process them with great efficiency daily.

Orders placed from any channel would be fulfilled by Sellershub’s Amazon MCF. Streamline your orders with our Centralized and Cloud-based management software. When sales are more from different channels you can ship through a different interface or automatically route it to Amazon MCF.

Warehouse Management

Automation software that streamlines everyday
operations in the warehouse.

If you have more than one Warehouse, Sellershub is the place to integrate all of them into one place.
While a basic warehouse software only manages the stock location and stock level of the goods in a warehouse, an advanced warehouse management software like Sellershub understands the dynamism required in a Warehouse Management System (WMS) solution which operates in an omni-channel retail scenario where virtual and physical marketplaces overlap each other, and the difference between the sales channels are blurring.

warehouse management

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