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Sellers – Do you want to improve the customer experience?? Here are few tips…

Unlike brick and mortar stores, an eCommerce business is unable to make its prospective customers view, touch, or try the product in person.

An eCommerce business largely depends upon its presentation skills like product listing, seller ratings, customer reviews, and other striking deals that encourage the new customer to buy the product.

And to be in front of the race, the sellers should make sure that all these components are maintaining high standards to gain customer trust and win not only referral business but also repeat customers as well.

Here are some of the dynamic ways to improve the customer experience and increase customer base:

Descriptive and attractive Product listing:

There are a couple of setbacks while selling online, for example, the customer is unable to try or see your product while buying. So, if your product does not seem to be attractive and descriptive the buyer might lose interest in buying it.

Bring your product to life! Do the proper listing of your product with detailed product description and pen down its benefits if possible with high-resolution images and videos.

This might seem a lot of work and time consuming while listing on multiple channels, right. Don’t worry there are tools of product listing management which will help to streamline your inventory, listing and helps to launch the new product within a few minutes.

This is the first and most important step to attract your customers and encourage them to buy your product.

Offer Free shipping with On-time speed Delivery:

Want to reduce the complaints on your customer reviews, then try not to make your customer wait long to get the ordered product. Another key to customer satisfaction is the fast delivery of the product while offering free shipping.

With the rise of services like Amazon Prime, online shoppers got used to receiving before expected time delivery with free shipping experience and hence many customers turn away from the listings which offer long delivery periods and shipping fees.

Speed up your delivery time through this eCommerce shipping software with the access to best and affordable fulfillment services. No matter how many marketplaces you are selling, ship your order from one central location and speed up your delivery time with less shipping cost.

Understand the basic rules and enhance your seller rating:

Every marketplace has a strict seller guideline. Not abiding the guidelines would affect your seller ratings and thus impact your business. Respective marketplaces make sure that you are running a genuine business and you are not there to cheat online shoppers.

Seller guidelines are put up to ensure that customers have a positive shopping experience. Seller rating is the very first indication to know that you as a seller can be trusted while buying the product.

Study the seller guideline for each marketplace and learn how to effectively work on them. Recognize in which area you are lacking and how to fix it in order to improve the ratings.

Take feedback from your customer:

As soon as the shipment reaches your customer, make sure to send an E-mail asking the customer about the product. You can ask them to review your product (5-star rating) and give some suggestions to improve your product.

This is a good communication stream where the customer might feel that his opinion is important to the seller.

The major setback – OUT OF STOCK:

Running out of stock will only ruin the customer experience. You should have the complete track of the products that are low in inventory in order to avoid “out of stock”. This inventory management tool will help to track the stock levels and indicate when the stock levels are going low. The inventory management software analyses the inventory costs and restocks it in no time.

Gain easy control over all the components of your selling so that you can concentrate on other business activities like marketing and attracting new customers. To know more take the free 14-day trial or talk to our executive.