Quick Tips for Amazon Listing Optimization


With the growth of the ecommerce business, it becomes difficult to survive in the competition, especially on Amazon. It is a worldwide platform that offers amazing products and unbeatable customer services. If you are a new Amazon Seller and wish to accomplish a lot on this platform, you might be aware of how important is Amazon listing optimization if not. Don’t worry; we will throw some light on the topic and give away tips for better Amazon Listing Optimization.

Without further ado, let’s get started!

What is Amazon Listing Optimization?

Amazon listing optimization is improving and optimising click-through rate, search visibility, and conversion rate. The process includes image content, keyword research, and optimising listing text. The process that seems to be easy is very time-consuming.

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Basic Terms that every Amazon Seller Should Understand

1. Professional Sellers

There are two kinds of sellers on Amazon- professional and individual. Professionals have access to the full selling features and sell more than 40 product units every month. Whereas in the individual, there is no such thing.

2. FBM and FBA

FBM means Fulfilment by Merchant, and FBA means Fulfilment by Amazon. Most sellers prefer FBA as they send their goods to the Amazon warehouse, where everything is taken care of, from storage and shipping to customer service. In the case of FBM, everything is taken care of by the merchants themselves.

3. Seller Central

Seller Central is the Amazon platform where the third parties maintain their sales performance. Plus, it takes care of Amazon stores by updating prices, managing inventory and customer communication.

Tips to Optimise Amazon listing:

1. Keyword Research

One of the key secrets of good ranking on the Amazon marketplace is keywords. With the right keyword insertion in the content and all possible fields, getting organic traffic increases manifold.

2. Product Title and Description

One of the best ranking opportunities is adding the main keyword in the product title. Make the best use of character count for the bullet points, title, and description. All these tiny points can make a huge difference.

3. Optimise Product Category

Study your competitor’s best selling products under their business and Amazon listing game. Once you understand the criteria, you can easily beat the competitors by optimising your product category.

4. Product Images

Use quality product images that show products from different angles and ensure to include video if possible. Amazon has a specific guideline that sellers need to follow while uploading product images.

5. Focus on Product Key Features

Instead of beating around the bush, focus on the product’s key features. Explain the key elements that will help customers. Show all major parts in bullet points. Try to include numbers while explaining it, as it helps win customers’ trust.

Making the Right Choice for Listing Management Software

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