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Promotions manager – By eBay

You have a wide range of products, top brands, with the proper listing of the products and attractive photos. Your E-commerce website is well maintained and has a great responsiveness which makes shopping easier for shoppers. Everything on your website is up to date so that your business can create a boom in the online market. But there is a little more to it.  It’s not about buying a single product, it’s about encouraging the buyer to buy more and increase their cart size.
A customer before buying a product would visit several websites and compare the prices. What if the buyer gets better offers on a single website? Here is where the promotions manager comes into the picture.

What do you mean by Promotions manager?

It is a customized tool typically launched by eBay for sellers in their platform in order to provide exciting offers so that a buyer gets encouraged to buy more. This promotion, if used smartly, can attract potential customers and can increase the cart size which will impact the increase in the transaction.

How does the Promotions Manager work?

This can be explained best with an example. Suppose a buyer visits your store to buy a T-shirt. A single T-shirt costs him $50, but he realizes that he is getting some discount while making a purchase of two T-shirts. Two t-shirts would cost him $80 rather than $100. Here he saves a pretty fair amount of $20. At that moment the person would definitely think of buying two t-shirts instead of one.
The conclusion here is the person was intending to buy one, but through proper and smart promotions by the seller, he buys two shirts.
Buyers these days are well aware that if they don’t get an offer in one channel, then they can opt for other channels to get compelling offers and benefits like discounts, free shipping and many more. What if the buyer finds everything under a single roof? Is that not a point to think?

What exact benefits a promotion manager draws into your kitty?

Entices Clicks and conversions:

Shoppers visiting any website would choose to click on the product that is showcasing some deals or discounts. With some attractive offers on your product, you can increase the possibility of the buyer buying your product.

Increase the product in your Cart:

Promotions manager encourages the buyer to buy more products by providing discounts and offers like – buy 2 get 1 free. This help increases the cart size.

Strategic product placement:

Suppose you are selling a red pair of shoes. On the main product page the buyer would see the product he has clicked on, and also 4-5 additional products of a similar category may be with different colors. The customer rather than visiting other sites would like to explore the products that are listed on your site.

How to use Promotions manager ?


You should strategically put your foot forward while creating the promotions with the help of Promotions manager.


There is seasonal marketing carried out by each and every business whether it is online or a physical store. The seasonal marketing examples are Christmas, New Year and some specific holidays or events. Strategize your marketing efforts well during this time and provide offers and discounts.

Winning Promotions:

Promotions manager is a tool that would help create your promotional activity strategically strong, which would be unique to your product, business, and pricing. A well-planned promotion is the one that would attract the buyer and make them take the deal. There is no such term that defines a perfect promotion. It’s the seller who should be aware of the current market scenario and plan the promotions according to that while keeping the needs of the buyer in mind.


Sellers should run at least 10-12 promotions for a certain period of time just to know which promotional activity works best for their business. Try for different promotions and observe which activity is the best for your business.

Promotions manager of eBay works best in every event and occasion. It’s a strategically developed tool and would only ease the promotional activity of the seller. Try the promotions manager on eBay and take your business to new heights.