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Product Kitting – the best opportunity to grow your business

Product kitting is an inventory management term that refers to combining different SKU’s or items into one unit. In marketing language, it is popularly known as product bundling which may include 3-4 products of different categories packed in a single box. This type of business ideas works best and with time get popular among the customers.

So, let us see now How Product Kitting works?

You may be popular for certain products in the eCommerce world. To make it more profitable you can include the kitting term. For example, People are more turning toward outdoor games in order to relax their mind and exercise their body. So, while selling the sports item like a football, you can make a sports pack by adding bag, bottle and a towel to the box. Here, you can either offer a discount or give an item free (that has a low price) in this pack.

product kitting sports

The second-best example: People these days are focused to look good and present themselves well in front of other people. So again, here comes the idea of making this set of the makeup kit.

make up product kittingHere, you can easily promote your products while offering “buy two get one free” or a set of a pack at a discounted rate or put up some special deals.

Kitting process is a very useful retailing tool for eCommerce sellers. It helps you to create innovative packages with existing stock. You can effortlessly combine and sell your products that have a low sales ratio. It gives you the opportunity to sell more products on the market. Your shipping costs will also lower down.

This Product Kitting process only requires a good and streamlined inventory management system to make the process of selling go smoothly and achieve success. KartzHub is the best-centralized inventory management software that not only powers up your selling into multiple channels like 11street, Lazada, Lelong and many more but also maintains all your online sales inventory in a single location.  Wherever you are, you can manage this software on the go because of the cloud-based application we offer.