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Peak sale days for online sellers – should not miss

Peak sale days online sellers should not miss

Marketing whether online or offline is all about the right timing. You should check the calendar before scheduling a newspaper marketing, email or a social media campaign.  Because a poorly timed campaign will end up failing thus wasting your efforts and money. Heavy sales are always dependent on seasons. Some festival arrives and sales volumes peak, same as the case with important events depending on the country you are selling in, so Peak sale days for online sellers – should not miss
E-commerce sales are no different but are also the most unpredictable. The seasons here are not restricted to festivals or weather, rather it depends on the customer’s mood, social recommendations, and money availability.

What matters more to the customers is the appealing factor or products your store carries, and the discounts you are offering. To win the audience and your customers, you need to start the preparation early. But first, you need to know when to start and what are the important events.

So, if you are into eCommerce and want to maximize your sales then we have listed down a few tips that might prove to be profitable for your business. Firstly, let’s start with the knowledge of peak sale days that online sellers should not miss.

The Top 8 peak sale days in the US For online selllers:

Back to School – (Mid-August – 1st week of September)

In the US and few other places, the school holidays start in June and ends on Mid-August or on 1st week of September. Between the Mid-August and September, students and their parents do a lot of shopping to fulfill their school requirement. This is one of the best seasons for eCommerce sellers to increase sales. Putting the right products on your ecommerce platform is not sufficient, marketing it on the right way and at the right time. Strategically planning and marketing the School products is essential to make the most of these 2-3 weeks period peak season.

Your Marketing Strategy for Back to School Peak sale days:

Halloween’s Day – 31st October for online sellers

Holiday season marketing strategies are somewhat similar but when it comes to Halloween you need to add a pinch of spookiness into it. But first let’s have a look at some numbers:

As per the survey:

So, as we now know that Halloween is the best season to increase eCommerce sales, the next step is what you should be doing?

First of all, you should give a spooky transition to your store and products. The marketing strategies you should apply for the Halloween peak sale days:

The products you should put on Discount during the Halloween Days are:

Alibaba’s Singles Day – 11th November – Known as 11.11

Alibaba Singles day falls on 11th of November. If you don’t know, this day has a massive sale of more than 25.3 billion. Yes, the eCommerce site reaches this massive amount in a single day. That is why it is termed as 11.11. In 2018, with 1,80,000 sellers on board, this eCommerce site had a business of 30 billion in the 24 hours mega sale.

Sellers around the world come with various offers and sell their products on Alibaba 11.11 peak sales day. You need to do the preparation beforehand as before this peak sale day hits you won’t have time to do anything. What you need to do for this peak sales day for online sellers :

What else you should be prepared with for 11.11 peak sale days:

Thanksgiving Day – 28th November 

Thanksgiving is celebrated in many regions of the US to express gratitude for the good harvest and also blessings of the preceding year. It’s a cultural festival and at the same time considered as one of the peak sale days by the eCommerce sellers.

Thanksgiving is the day where all the retail stores stay closed, which thus gives rise to online shopping. This is one of the profitable days that the eCommerce sellers cannot afford to miss.

Important Points about Thanksgiving Day

You should be prepared with:

Black Friday – 29th November 

Black Friday is the day just after Thanksgiving Day. Retailers in the early days stated that just after Thanksgiving Day they experience either no sales or very less sale and so the day was named as black Friday. But as time passed people started shopping more on this day. Let’s have a look at the details and see what this peak sale day has to say:

So, just strategize your marketing plan and provide discounts depending on what your competitors are providing.

Cyber Monday – 2nd December  

Cyber Monday is not a holiday, but people come back to their offices after long holidays like thanksgiving, and black Friday. People are either in front of their desktops or laptops so here the mobile-first strategy doesn’t work.

Important points you should know about Cyber Monday:

Your Selling Strategy for cyber Monday:

Christmas – 25th December for online sellers :

25th December day is celebrated all over the world with lots of joy. Christmas Winter season is considered as one of the peak sale days in the eCommerce world. The sales graph turns high and makes the eCommerce holiday more important and profitable.  As per the survey, the average expenditure by a US household during Christmas season is $906.

What people prefer to buy from online selles :

Strategizing your Plan:

The days listed above are one of the most important days for eCommerce business as you receive heavy traffic, high sales and more profit. With all the important days listed above, you should start the preparation strategically and make marketing decisions accordingly.