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Now Multi-warehouse Issues sorted easily by Kartzhub

Many ecommerce businesses start their journey of selling with a single warehouse to stock all their products. With a single warehouse, it is easier to keep the accurate count of your inventory. When a business starts targeting the global audience, there arises the need of opening multiple warehouses at prospective locations.

If you are operating globally then single warehouse would:

For example, if you have a warehouse in New York and you have a growing customer base in Los Angeles, the transport costs to deliver the products would increase, thus forcing you to keep the rate of the products high. But, if you have another warehouse on the location from where you receive maximum orders then your fulfillment costs will reduce thus making it a profitable affair.

Challenges of maintaining Multiple warehouses

Inventory management

Multiple warehouses create complex issues when it comes to inventory management. You require a streamlined system that will enable you to:

Inventory analysis: Understanding the supply and demand of every location is very important, as it may vary depending upon the change in trend, seasonal changes, and location preferences. So, if every warehouse has different products as per the location, it becomes difficult to manage and track the products.

Maintaining Stock count: Stock counts and sales can easily fall out of sync if you don’t have a streamlined approach to your inventory.  There are chances of many people handling the products and so chances of human errors are also more which may lead to inaccurate inventory counts. This may also result in having zero knowledge about the out of stock products leading to inefficiency at the time of fulfillment resulting in lost revenues and bad customer experience.

Mixing up the processes:  While maintaining multiple warehouses, there are chances that maintenance of processes of every warehouse is carried out in a different way (Like inflow, outflow, and invoices). Improper processes lead to mixing up of orders and shipments between warehouses if you are using a centralized filing system.

Cross-Warehouse Communication

Every warehouse tends to be at a distance with different employees handling each warehouse, resulting in communication issues. Missed messages may cause bottlenecks and errors because of the lack of face-to-face communication and discussion on streamlining the processes.

Managing shipping between warehouses:

When the stock is low in a particular warehouse, the following questions arise:

This can be resolved only if you have full visibility of your stock across all locations.

Up-to-date E-commerce store

Customers checking your product page are not interested from which warehouse the product is supplied, they would only check if it’s in stock, till when it will arrive and how much will it cost including the shipping. You need a system to keep the stock levels up-to-date across all warehouses.

Multiple Warehouse issues sorted easily by KartzHub

When choosing the right inventory tool, you should look at the below aspects the software should fulfill:

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