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New technology changing the face of the E-commerce world

In the early years of E-commerce business customers used to stroll through many pages, investing their time just to determine if the product they ordered was worth the risk. But as the sellers started adopting the new technology, the impact of the E-commerce world on the tech-savvy customers grew faster and stronger.

New technologies like augmented reality and virtual assistant have already made their way into the future of E-commerce and have the ability to change the face of the E-commerce world, thus making 2018 a year of transition.

Let’s take a look at how these new technology would have an impact on the ever-growing          E-commerce business:


Augmented Reality


augmented reality

AR has the ability to enhance and personalize the shopping experience of the customers. Businesses like IKEA, Houzz, Amazon, Sephora, Quiver, Amikasa and many more have already started using this technology. Without seeing the physical product, you can try the product with different shapes, sizes, and colors. Augmented reality has the E-commerce features where you can check if the makeup you are putting on suits your dress or if the color of the furniture suits that one corner of your home with that exact shape and size. This technology can increase purchases and decrease the return rates.  Check out for the Sephora to see how the AR works:

AI Chatbots


While watching movies like Terminator many may fantasize at least about the basic version of the chatbots.

Online shoppers sometimes get stuck or confused with either the product or the process. At that moment if they get the required assistance it would improve the customer experience and may even increase the conversion rate.

Chat bots are cheaper and are always there, even in the odd-shopping hours to assist the customers.



It verifies transfer of funds. Cryptocurrency can prove to be a big help for the E-commerce industries as:


Virtual Assistants


Many E-commerce websites are turning towards voice searches to help the audience get a good customer experience. The sellers have already started to add long tail keywords in order to get into top 5 ranking when Siri, Alexa or Ok Google answers the customer’s queries.

If the customer searches for a product through voice search they would enquire as “latest Samsung 64 GB android mobile”. At this, Google, through its algorithm, would search for the pages with the keywords and display it in front of the customer.

This technology is the present and the future of the E-commerce industry. Investing in this technology would probably help to grow the business.

Drone Delivery


This technology as of now is not ready yet. Amazon under the name Amazon Prime Air in near future would launch this product that would deliver packages up to 5 pounds in 30 minutes to the customers. It would ensure safe and trustworthy delivery to the customers. Now, this is a science fiction that is in a preparation mode. Drone delivery would definitely have a great impact on the E-commerce world but definitely not in 2018.