Today’s online consumers have endless options for buying products and services. Even sellers are leaving no stone unturned to grab more customers. The best way to do it is through a multichannel ecommerce selling platform. Today will throw the limelight on what features an advanced multichannel ecommerce software should have and a lot more about the software.

What is multichannel ecommerce?

Multichannel ecommerce means selling goods and services on multiple channels. To understand it better, let’s take an example, a retailer is into men’s wear and to expand his business, he is selling goods on his website, Instagram store, Facebook page, Amazon, Alibaba, and many other platforms; this is called multichannel ecommerce.

One of the most significant issues with the multichannel ecommerce platform is that it becomes difficult to manage different channels or platforms single-handley. The practical and efficient solution to this problem is multichannel ecommerce software.

What is multichannel ecommerce software?

What is the solution to this expanded business problem? With every new selling channel, it becomes easier to miss incoming messages, overlook orders, unsatisfied customers, and increase return orders. Manual checking of different aspects of every platform becomes mundane, and chances of error get higher. The answer to all these worries is multichannel ecommerce software.

Multichannel ecommerce software facilitates a centralised platform to sell products simultaneously on multiple ecommerce platforms. The software reduces the manual work and manages different aspects of selling efficiently. Sellershub is one such ecommerce software to carry out business smoothly.

Benefits of using the multichannel ecommerce platform

  • Boost Visibility

One of the prime benefits of using a multichannel ecommerce platform is that it boosts the visibility of business manifolds. With the presence of the brands on multiple platforms, customers also notice and recognize the brand.

  • Improves Conversion Rate

We all know human beings have a short memory span, which is why it is essential to make frequent appearances. A multichannel ecommerce platform offers several sales avenues that boost visibility and chances of being recognized by people.

  • Diversifies Risk

Another reason to have a multichannel ecommerce platform is that it diversifies the risk associated with a single sales avenue. Due to known and unknown reasons, sometimes what happens is that the account gets suspended, which disturbs the income stream and causes financial troubles.

  • Boost sales potential

With three or four more sales channels, sales potential increased compared to a single sales channel. With the rise in sales volume, one needs to manage it properly.

Top Features for Multichannel eCommerce Software:

  • Marketplace centralization

Effective marketplace centralization is one of the critical features of reliable multichannel ecommerce software. Always remember that not all sales channels will integrate with the platform; make sure to buy software that integrates with most media. A few customers might prefer Amazon to purchase electronic items and apparel. At the same time, some like to shop on ebay for home decor and furniture. It is not necessary that software will be able to integrate with different channels. If you have expansion plans internationally, ensure that software can integrate with foreign marketplaces.

  • Inventory Synchronisation

One of the significant features is inventory synchronisation, which you must look for. The software should be able to protect you from the understocking and overstocking situations. Understock causes loss of potential sales, while overstock leads to paying extra money on warehouse storage of unsold items.

  • Workflow Automation

Automation has become a hot topic in the past few years. Automation in ecommerce is helpful in many ways as it can automate repetitive and time-sensitive tasks. Some software has excellent artificial intelligence integration to redirect or assist in customer concerns and queries. This helps to free up the time and focus on other aspects of the business.

  • Data Analytics    

If you wish to grow any business, you need reliable data from the marketplace. An effective multichannel management software fetches data from all platforms and tracks customer behaviour using specific tools. This complete analytics helps to form a marketing strategy effectively.

Effective order management tools enable the integration of different sales channels and centralised systems to set automated notifications for order tracking and status, generate invoices, and labels, track orders, warehouse automation, and much more.

In the case of multiple warehouses, warehouse management can be an arduous task. It should be able to replenish stock, fulfil orders fast, track multichannel, manage product variations, and much more. It should be able to automate the repetitive task to increase the output and reduce the chances of errors.

  • Other advanced Features

The software should offer other advanced features like FBA integration, enterprise features and support, adding and managing purchase orders, bulk print and pack lists, operating kits and bundles, and more. The software should be able to integrate third parties tools and equipment for a flawless experience.


We hope that now you know what your multichannel ecommerce software should have. Sellershub is one of the best multichannel ecommerce tools for a flawless selling experience. Our team of experts will help you to understand the software with ease. We are just a call away.


  • How to manage multichannel ecommerce effectively?

Optimised content, inventory management, automation, and adequate data are some of the best ways to manage multichannel ecommerce. You can invest in multichannel ecommerce software for effective management of the business.

  • What are the top features of an ideal multichannel ecommerce software?

Software should have many advanced features; some include inventory management, workflow automation, data analytics, centralised marketplace, order management, third-party tools integration, etc.

  • Which ecommerce software is the best?

Sellershub is a reliable name for managing different aspects of multichannel ecommerce management software.

  • Why is multichannel selling the best?

In the era where customers are likely to check different online channels before making a purchase, multiple place visibility helps to grab the attention of customers.