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Multi-Channel E-Commerce selling platform – The Game changer in the E-commerce industry

E-Commerce selling platform :

The online eCommerce platforms have become the shopper’s paradise. The entire world is armed with smart gadgets, that have further boomed the eCommerce industry. Additionally, broadband and 4G services have further become the driving force of the eCommerce selling platform industry in countries like the UK, USA, India, Japan, and others.

B2B sellers are also leveraging the online eCommerce platforms and achieving significant sales. The marketplace provides an unprecedented opportunity for growth, this has attracted many investors. The eCommerce marketplace model gives customers with a plethora of choices.

Even though eCommerce selling platform is everywhere, it is very difficult to understand, what are the new trends, and initiatives that should be taken. To help you in your selling journey we have just dug in some information and found the below solution:

PWA- Your successful Flight towards Planet M-Commerce

You might be aware of the fact that you should be present at the place where your customers are browsing. Most of the customers, sitting at the comfort of their house, office or while traveling browse through multiple platforms, just to see what is trending. And so, your website should be highly mobile responsive.

Now the point is, what is this new term PWA?

Progressive Web Apps (PWA) are mobile apps delivered through the web. These apps are more efficient than in-house apps as they are accessible anywhere, at any time and work on demand. PWA helps your customers to consume less data and provides them better customer experience. This new application model combines the features of websites and mobile applications. After the first visit of the users, the PWA will enable the site to be reliably fast even on flaky networks. This amazing technology enables intelligent and reliable caching, push notifications, background content up-gradation and provides the most attractive functionality to the users who visited the site before.

eCommerce Integrated Solutions:

No matter if you are a small business or big enterprise, every seller has to understand and follow certain eCommerce rules to be at the top. When you are doing online business, it is recommended to integrate your business with various software like multi-channel eCommerce software, eCommerce order management software or Cloud-based multi-channel inventory and order management system with the best ERP systems.

This allows you to manage and track your sales without any extra effort in selling platform .

Integrating this multichannel eCommerce software with your business enhances the chances of online success. The multichannel product listing software, allows you to list on multiple channels like Amazon, eBay, Etsy and other local marketplaces with just a single click. As your order comes in, the platform notifies you. The software allows you to manage inventory across multiple platforms, saves time, increases throughput and reduces unwanted errors drastically. The eCommerce order management software allows you to manage the entire process of selling with ease and higher efficiency.

SEO Voice Search in eCommerce

SEO is the core of digital marketing strategy. Every retailer has to work hard just to be at the top in search engines. The main motive of driving more traffic to the product or site is to increase the conversion rate. The new technologies like Siri, Alexa, and Google Voice have provided a new way of browsing experience. And there emerged a need for a new SEO phenomenon i.e. “Voice Search”.
The voice search would probably become a game-changer in the years to come. By 2020, it is estimated to increase by 50% of every search. Voice search will change the way the content is written, for example, you have to insert long-tail keywords. So, start thinking strategically and implement various strategies that may support voice search.

Experiential marketing:

The new generation buyers don’t like to spend their money on just a good product but better experience as well. For sellers, this may sound like alarming news. But, don’t just focus on the product approach, implement various ways and strategies so that you can deliver great customer experience.
AI is making this process much easier. So, start implementing the A/B testing. Use AR and VR and find new ways to interact with your customers. Build your product image as such that it can be able to communicate with the audience and help to build more customers during your selling journey.

You can achieve great success in this eCommerce if you start implementing the latest trends. The new trends with embedded technology can help you achieve higher business and customer loyalty. Don’t stop working on new trends as other sellers won’t.