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Marketplaces that would increase your sales in Malaysia

Whether it’s a home-made product or a brick and mortar store, everyone is trying their luck in the online business right now. In 2018, the annual revenue of Malaysian E-commerce market amounts to US$1,309m and is expected to grow by 17.9% in the coming future. So, sellers, have you done your complete homework before diving into this business to increase your sales ?

Well!!! If your products are in place then the next step is to decide which online store would help your products to sell like hotcakes. Malaysia obviously has a pretty cool market online. The marketplaces that would help you earn more profit with low transaction rates would be the better option to go for.

Now the question is how to access the marketplaces and make the most of it to increase your sales 

Kartzhub is the only platform that would help you to sell your products in the top marketplaces in Malaysia like Lazada, Shopee, 11Street, Q0010,,

Kartzhub offers an awesome interface that easily manages listings, order management, and inventory. This cloud-based platform integrates with not only the leading marketplaces but also shopping carts, shipping carriers, and accounting software.

How Kartzhub manages inventory to increase your sales ?

As your order flows from different channels of Malaysia, you can maintain that flow through a common inventory at Kartzhub platform.  If you get an order from 11 street for an SKU, its inventory automatically gets reduced in Kartzhub which ultimately gets reflected in all other channels like shopee, Lazada and others.


How a shopping cart can help manage your business.

If you have handled online business processes manually, then you would know that manual entries cause maximum errors which ultimately affects the operational processes like listing, order, inventory and order completion.

Shopping carts like Bigcommerce, Magento, Shopify helps to reduce such flaws. You can connect to as many shopping carts you need through Kartzhub. You can easily add, delete or retrieve your data from any of the shopping carts supported by Kartzhub.

If you want to know more about kartzhub then take the free 14-day trial. Do drop us your suggestion as we are happy to help you always. We also offer customization of our platform as per our client’s requirement.