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Make the Most Marketplaces Without Losing Your Ecommerce Business?

Introduction :

Never get dependent on a single channel for your eCommerce sales even though it is giving you too much profit. You never know when its algorithm changes and your product may come down from first to the very last page. Online eCommerce platforms like Amazon frequently change their algorithms, and compliance, due to which a seller sometimes experience a drastic change in their business and face hard times without losing business.

It is advisable to first build your own eCommerce store with a great website and then connect with other eCommerce platforms such as Amazon, eBay, Etsy, and other local platforms. This is the reason we advise you to leverage a single multichannel inventory management platform such as KartzHub. This platform helps you to scale across multiple marketplaces.

We have listed down some of the few important points that will help maximize your online presence across various marketplaces Without Losing business :


Integrate your eCommerce Site with KartzHub Without Losing business :

The very first step to build your eCommerce presence is to unify your eCommerce business on a single platform. The step includes integrating the ERP system to your eCommerce store and then connecting it to the KartzHub platform.

The second most important thing is integrating your marketplace store with other marketplaces and the KartzHub platform. This allows the flow of data easily between each channel.

Leverage Various eCommerce Platform to grow your Brand

Ecommerce platforms or channels or Marketplaces are the best and most affordable ways to grow traffic, customer database, and sales. In marketplaces like Amazon, Etsy, eBay, and Walmart, traffic is already present, you just need to follow the marketplace rules and their internal algorithm will automatically showcase your products to the audience. Another aspect of good sales depends on your product quality, short but catchy information, and competitive pricing. It would not only cut your costs but would also help you to scale your website alongside.

Gather data from Marketplaces

Some marketplaces provide you complete data of the customers. This allows you to gather data and connect with the customer through the mail and directly via platforms. You can even make some adjustments on your website and apply this acquired eCommerce platform data. This can help to drive more traffic. With time you would also know which product works best on the marketplaces that will help you to make necessary changes to your website and increase visibility.

Use the eCommerce platform scale to reduce costs

Ecommerce world is all about scale. The more product variants you sell on marketplaces, you will experience increased sales. Marketplaces can even help you reduce inventory costs by buying the bulk products from the manufacturing units.

Implement Custom Option to your eCommerce Store

Some unique services and custom options will provide a unique customer experience. This will help to drive people to your eCommerce store rather than the marketplaces. Use some strategies and create some product offerings, remarkable store, exceptional content, and customer service which will add value to your reputation.

Invest in Reward Programs               

If you reward your users with discounts. And your customers with free gifts as a reward for referrals, multiple purchases, then you can build a larger following. Reward programs also known as loyalty programs are very effective. They help to drive repeat purchases which are a very important aspect of eCommerce growth.

Every eCommerce Platform is different

You cannot sell Nike shoes on Etsy as this eCommerce platform is solely focused on selling handmade, crafts and vintage items. Similarly, every Ecommerce marketplace is best and known for a product that sells more while some of the marketplaces are best for selling every product. So, you need to do research depending on your product and choose the eCommerce platforms that can combinedly increase sales with your eCommerce store.

Conclusion :

To get hold of a larger set of audience for your products, you should find ways to first integrate your eCommerce store with popular marketplaces Without Losing business. This task can be made easy by using the KartzHub Platform. This popular order and inventory management software, will not only make your processes easy but will save your money and give you timely insights so that you can find ways to increase your sales and profits.