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Magento Inventory Management System | KartzHub

How Magento inventory management increases the efficiency of your business??

E-commerce has become the requisite pathway for all businesses and so they always look for a sophisticated ecommerce solution that has features of flexibility, scalability and extensibility at their fingertips.

Do you dream of an eCommerce website that has world-class features and is extremely mobile friendly that it can engage customers 24/7? If yes then Magento is the best solution for you. I cannot say that Magento is the only best solution for you as people have different requirements for their websites and inventory management system. The requirements can be fulfilled by other eCommerce solutions as well but Magento provides exclusive features where you won’t find that on other platforms.

Even if you are a small business you would definitely go for multiple channels selling rather than selling on a single channel which is the right direction for your business. But selling on multiple channels requires a great inventory management system that would help to optimize your eCommerce business while sorting out the product listing and multichannel orders. But this can be achieved through other website platforms like Mozu, Bigcommerce to name a few, then why Magento inventory management system?

Not only the SMB’s (small to mid-sized businesses) but also larger retailers like Nestle, Samsung, Olympus and others rely on Magento for their backend operations and web designs. Millions of mid-sized companies trust on Magento not only for the Website solution but also for the inventory management system solutions, let’s see why?

SEO Friendly & Market Ready

Your website looks great, provide great offers to attract customers, and it also has incorporated product reviews as well. You are ready to fly with this appealing website and you’ve positioned your product into multiple channels like Amazon, eBay, Etsy and many more. You are all set to keep up with the competition, but there is more to it and Magento helps you with that too.

In order to increase online sales, you should make sure that your products are easily found on search engines like Yahoo, Google, and Bing. Magento platform gives you the privilege to fully customize meta-tags into multilayered navigation, helps you to optimize product copy, content pages, sitemaps and URL. To rank higher on google you can customize criteria on Magento, thus giving you the provision to drive more traffic and thus increase revenue.

Responsive web design

For an effective eCommerce website, it necessary to understand the importance of responsive web design.

What do you mean by responsiveness?

The development and design of a website should respond to the user’s behavior and environment based on the platform, screen size and orientation. As the user switches from the desktop to mobile or from google chrome to Firefox, the website should also automatically switch to easily accommodate image size, resolution and scripting abilities. The website should automatically respond to user preferences. The practice to offer responsive website involves a mix of flexible layouts, grids, images and intelligent use of CSS media queries and this is well fulfilled by Magento. Integration of Magento with KartzHub inventory management software provides advanced product listings and full responsive designed website to engage shoppers while they are shopping from mobile devices.

Exclusive Features and ease of Integration

Magento offers a number of exclusive extensions that would help you to add more features to your website thus increasing productivity and sales. Some of the Magento extensions have great editing functionality, landing page additions, front-end management features and many more.

Magento integration with KartzHub platform is easy thus giving provisions for database applications, shipping, order management and payment gateways. Integration of KartzHub inventory management system with Magento has endless advantages thus giving you an in-depth management capability that is necessary to run back office operations professionally and efficiently. With the combination of kartzHub and Magento inventory management system, your business will be on the way of experiencing faster order processing, rapid and integrated shipping, and can also gain real time visibility into business metrics through reporting dashboard.

Highly Scalable

Magento is highly scalable, versatile and flexible for operations of small as well as large businesses. Magento’s flexibility is mainly because of its architecture, the ability to offer multiple extensions and various modules designed especially for eCommerce businesses. If you need to add multiple languages, store, and payment options Magento with KartzHub inventory management system integration can efficiently help you to take advantage of these options.


When it comes to pricing KartzHub inventory management system integration with Magento is termed as the most affordable solution as there are only initial charges for installation and customization. KartzHub with Magento Inventory management is the most cost-effective and profitable solution for every business.

How KartzHub would help to manage stock more effectively in your Magento Store??

Match Stock Keeping unit (SKU)

Every update on Kartzhub about your products, SKU’s and any modifications get instantly reflected on your Magento store and all other channels.

Manages sales Order efficiently

Once the user places an order in your Magento store, KartzHub imports all the data and reflects in your inventory management system so that you can manage all related operations.

Sync Stock Levels

Whenever you sell any product on Magento or other sales channel Kartzhub multichannel inventory management system will automatically update the stock levels in Magento and other sales channels.

How can I set up the Magento inventory management Add-on?

As long as you have kartzHub account and Magento account, you can integrate the add-ons for free through our Add-on store.

Order and inventory management to Product listings on the website all go hand in hand. For your business to run without any inventory hiccups it is necessary to have a website and inventory management system that sync with each other well and so KartzHub and Magento integration is the best and affordable option.