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Magento Amazon Sales channel’s new extension helps to grow revenue

Adobe recently, at the Magento Imagine Conference announced two new services. The services are Magento Amazon Sales Channel extension and the Magento Google Shopping ads Channel that would assist the online sellers to extend their customer reach. Adobe claimed that these extensions or services would help the small and medium-sized businesses to better organize the end to end experiences they deliver to customer across all channels.

Magento Amazon Sales Channel

The Magento Amazon Sales Channels very efficiently removes some selling hiccups faced by many Amazon online sellers. The extension helps the new sellers to gain a foothold on Amazon by quickly integrating the seller’s catalog, establishing a bi-directional data flow and also helping them to manage the listings from the Magento admin. By impeccably integrating a Seller’s Magento store with multiple Amazon accounts of various regions, a seller can now make their Magento Admin a central hub for all the important and critical marketplace activities. The integration can also reduce data silos, eliminate additional integration costs, and remove operational friction.

Amazon Sales Channel is the native function in Magento and it is available for Free

Key Features of Sales Channel

Leverage Amazon’s Vast Product Data

Amazon listings hold huge data sets of product information. You can sync the Amazon product information into your Magento catalog. For example, if you sell a video game console and mistakenly you Magento Catalog listing doesn’t have the release date then Amazon Sales channel will collect that data from the page and then add it to the Magento catalog.

Intelligent Pricing and Pricing rules

Amazon Sales Channel gives you the flexibility to use automated pricing rules that helps to increase product sales. Prices can be frequently changed and set as per the recent Amazon Buy box price or as per the competitor’s pricing. These price changes can be done without sacrificing your profit margins. You can also set your own rules to adjust the Amazon listing price relative to your Magento Catalog price.  You also get the option of supporting multiple currencies with the help of a currency conversion tool.

Listing Management

You can automate product listings and sync your catalog to the Amazon Marketplace using the Magento admin dashboard listing rules.

Inventory Management

The inventories continuously stay synchronized with Amazon to provide an accurate accounting. Even though inventory is directly updated to your database, you get accurate account details.

Multiple Amazon Accounts

Even if you have multiple Amazon accounts with multiple Amazon brands and marketplace regions to manage you can easily manage it from one centralized dashboard.

Fulfillment and Order Management

Experience greater flexibility of listing your products either as Fulfillment by Amazon, merchant fulfilled or other fulfillment methods. Track your Amazon orders and manage it easily directly from the order grid in the Magento admin.

Google ads

B2B Pricing and Quantity Discounts

You can also use the B2B pricing functionality to offer structured pricing based on the item purchased. The channel also allows you to easily sell to Amazon business customers.

Adobe also claims that even though other eCommerce platforms and third-party connectors attempt to integrate with Amazon, none can offer the level of bi-directional integration, a load of exclusive functionalities and benefits that Magneto offers with the range of fulfillment options, intelligent pricing, automated product listing and many more.