Keep your online business centered

Once you have all your listings in Sellershub, you can now push them out to your marketplaces all at a click of a button. Because you’ll be making your adjustments from Sellerhub your team will enjoy the simplicity and be able to do listings regularly.


Optimized Templates

Each Marketplace and channel has their own preferred way of listing products. Sellershub will preconfigure templates into your listings to make sure you show up right on each channel

Centralize all
product information

Store details for each SKU such as price, images and postage information.

Bulk listings

Create bulk listings at a click of a button. imagine how much time you save and the ability you gain to remove errors in your listings.

Edit from one location

Set/adjust channel specific prices, titles and product descriptions.

Real time updates means no
more errors!

Inventory is synched in real-time as orders are processed from connected selling channels, this means you have accurate inventory levels. Stock is updated accurate across all channels and rules can be put into place to make sure you do not over sell.