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Latest News of Various marketplaces for eCommerce sellers

Now before starting up with the summer online business, Let’s have a brief sneak peek of the Ecommerce world. I hope this will help you to take some crucial ecommerce business decisions in marketplaces :

Pop Up Kiosks to be shut down by Amazon for bigger plans

Amazon, the undisputed leader of the eCommerce world, has shut down about 87 of its pop-up kiosks. It has shut down its old stores just to pave a way for the future in marketplaces . Amazon has plans to open bigger grocery stores and 4-star stores. This change by Amazon was incredibly a smart move. The 4-star stores that are being planned to open include kitchen products, electronics and books which are actually rated as 4-stars by customers online.

Amazon stops buying products from Wholesalers in marketplaces 

Most of the wholesalers of Amazon are stressed out as Amazon has suddenly stopped buying products from them. Instead, they want these wholesalers to sell the product directly to the customers. This move is greatly beneficial for Amazon, as they would be free from the headache of marketing and selling the products. The only thing Amazon will take is the transactional fees.

Walmart applying new strategies to outshine Amazon

Amazon and Walmart are the two biggest marketplaces giants that compete with each other for the top place in the US. This doesn’t come as a surprise for many as they constantly apply innovative strategies just to be in the first place. Walmart is going extremely digital and has open the doors for the firms to advertise their products on its website.

Amazon Changed the location of Mobile Advertisements

Previously we use to view the mobile advertisement on the sidebar. Now Amazon has made few changes of showcasing it up on the search bar as a video. Amazon will post a video to inform the customers about the products. The videos will be of 15-20 seconds long, that would not only be appealing but worth the watch.

Freedom for Merchants has made eBay grow Substantially in 2018

Small businesses are looking forward to selling on eBay these days as it is offering Seller independency. eBay is offering freedom and greater flexibility to sellers like what is not offered by the ecommerce giants like Amazon. As per the statistics, around 36,000 businesses have joined eBay last year.

Target Launches Target+

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In the effort of competing with its rivals Amazon and Walmart has launched third-party eCommerce marketplace as Target+. It is inviting third-party sellers to list and sell their products on the Target website. The curated list of products that Target is open to are home, electronics, toys, and sporting goods. But the problem is not everyone can join this ecommerce store, as Target is super picky about which product to showcase and which to not.

Instagram to Join eCommerce Marketplace

Instagram recently has added a new feature “Shopping by Stories” where it is acting as a shop on through the Instagram shopping app. While browsing, if you come around some product advertised on Instagram, then you can just check it merely with the tap of a finger. There is no need to leave the Instagram app while you check on the product. There is even news of Facebook thinking of turning its marketplace into an eCommerce platform.

eBay to add Google Pay

Many people felt the need for the mobile checkout option on eBay. So, eBay decided to add Google Pay support for its customers. This made it easy for the customers to pay for the products they bought on a mobile device. Millennials would thus be more attracted towards this option of making a purchase with their tablet or a mobile device.