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Know how to sell easily on Amazon, eBay, Etsy and many more.

Selling your multiple products on multiple sales channels can help you to reach new customers and increase the revenue of your business.

Now, this sounds good, right!!! You may have heard this statement many times but till now have not received a definite solution.

You need to purchase plug-ins, subscriptions for every marketplace, accounting and shipping software to manage your business systematically which would increase your product cost thus affecting your sales.

In the very first place, it takes time to export the products on multiple marketplaces and then keeping your inventories updated simultaneously across the channels. This is not only time-consuming but complex process if you have many SKU’s.

Now, if you have visited Google for the multichannel selling then you might have come across many platforms. It may come at a lower cost. But, the problem with these platforms is that when your inventory and seasonal work increase the platforms speed slowdowns and there are some or the other process missing that will make the platform the incomplete package that is unable to fulfill all your multichannel needs.

Multichannel selling is not limited to only listing on different marketplaces like Amazon, eBay and many more. It also includes:

Now, if we try to do this manually it obviously requires manpower for dealing with different departments and also extra fees for enrolling in different marketplaces.

If you are opting for only inventory management software then you would require extra resources to look at the shipping and accounting factors that may increase your expenses thus affecting your profit.

How KartzHub will Help:

To start with,  KartzHub offers a free 14-day trial that will help you to know more about this platform and analyze it well.