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Integrate the latest trends of eCommerce with multi-channel strategies

Integrate the latest trends of eCommerce with multi-channel strategies :

Looking for effective ways so that you can engage the customers with your brand? Then opt for the multi-channel way. Do you know about 72% of the customers prefer to connect with brands that who are using a multichannel approach? If you are using the latest trends in the eCommerce industry, then it is recommended to combine it with the best multichannel strategies.

Multichannel marketing ways are constantly changing. Every search engine, social media marketing and eCommerce websites are putting up its unique algorithms. Sellers need to strictly follow their processes in order to be at the top. Being a seller, you also should know what are the new and emerging trends, so that you can engage your customers and don’t loose it to your competitors.To lead you on the right track we have combined the list of the latest trends in the eCommerce industry with the current multichannel approach.

The most important eCommerce trends that the marketers and sellers should keep a track of are:

Customization of Real-Time Shopping:

The main benefits of new technologies are that the brands are able to customize the shopping experience depending on each customer. The customization is based on the consumer’s browsing and purchase history. Take example of Amazon, they have custom made catalogs and they change their recommendations depending on customer are shopping behavior. Choose a product on Amazon and you will notice that it would suggest you with complimentary products that other customers prefer.

Customization is not restricted here itself, with the help of big data you get the option to change the overall shopping experience of every customer. If you change the color, design and other aspects of a customer journey the customer gets attracted. And this increases the chances of loyalty, basket size and repeat transactions.

Same-day Delivery:

There is so much pressure among the sellers about same-day delivery. But, when you offer speedy delivery, customers are more likely to get in buying mood. Some of the retailers are able to deliver but some of the retailers are not. This is the new where customer purchases the product and expects it to get delivered within 48 hours of the order placed.  Also, if you leverage multichannel product management software, then you can easily automate the processes of order management, inventory management, accounting and shipping management. This helps to save a lot of time and money.

Predictive Sales Analysis

In addition to customer preferred customization, Big Data also helps brands to use predictive sales analysis. The analysis outcome is very precise, as it uses data mining, machine learning, statistics, etc. to predict future sales events.. This makes the companies to be ready to meet the changing customer demands.

The predictive sales analysis now comes integrated into multichannel selling software. It takes the sales data from multiple channels and suggests you with effective actions. This allows the brand to stay ahead of the competition. The Predictive sales analysis allows you to draw reliable conclusions not only about the current market but future events as well. Companies leverage predictive analytics to forecast everything from how much stock to maintain to the price of your products.

AI, Assistants and Chatbots

AI assistants can handle a number of tasks from managing inventory to handling enquiries. To handle the same tasks manually you would require multiple resources. These digital assistants handle the various processes with ease, thus freeing up your time and resources.

The chatbots fulfill several service needs from answering questions to addressing your customer complaints. As per the past customer conversation, chatbot even has the ability to learn and develop to better assist and provide personalized eCommerce experience.

With AI assistants, most of the working capital investment is reduced. But, at the same time, it has downsides. For example, the customer might get caught up in the never-ending chat loop where their actual issues are not solved. So, when you implement artificial intelligence in your multi-channel plan, make sure you also integrate your existing customer support team. It is recommended not to completely replace the team initially.


You might be thinking that blockchain is related to Bitcoin. Yes, it is, but companies are leveraging it to integrate with third party vendors and their digital assets.

Blockchain comes with a number of benefits. For example, blockchain allows the vendors to easily accept the loyalty programs of other businesses. .

Furthermore, the technology integrates with the varied platforms in such a way that it limits the transaction fees. This helps the brands to save more and pass on the benefits to their customers. With blockchain technology, you can provide the audience with the best deals and attract more customers.

Integrate the latest trends of e commerce with existing multi-channel strategies

If you can instantly integrate the latest eCommerce trends with an existing multichannel strategy, then you would receive instant results. If done strategically, this integration would help you get a good ROI and keep you ahead of the competitors.

The successful integration helps you to

While you create a multichannel approach, include the below channel in your marketing strategy:

As you integrate the latest eCommerce trends with the existing multichannel strategies ensure that your marketing efforts are spread evenly between:

The integration of the latest eCommerce trends with multichannel strategies allows your business to be more effective and efficient. It helps to increase your business revenue while decreasing your working capital. With all this, your customer enjoys great service experience.