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Improve experience and Create Brand Impact for Your Ecommerce Store

Before even diving to provide a better user experience to your audience, let’s see what do you mean by a “User Experience” or Improve Customer Experience?
The user experience is all about a person’s attitude and emotions while using a service or a product. If your audience can fluently interact with your product, it results in good customer experience. User experience has different phases in Brand Impact.

This Blog covers your 1st and 2nd phase, which is a very important aspect of delivering the good user experience in Brand Impact.

In this world of eCommerce, you should be aware of the best growth strategies that can help you to increase your brand awareness which ultimately generates more sales.  The key to the best design process is to know what the audience wants and how they feel while browsing your eCommerce store.

Website design is not just about how the website looks but also about the easy navigations and check out process. Let’s have a look at a few important aspects of how your eCommerce store design plays a very important role in defining the great user experience.


Brand Awareness:

To keep your business ahead in the competition you need to maintain your brand impact awareness. A well-maintained online store attracts the right audience. This is what takes your customer to start the purchase from your store. The store should be appealing to the customers and should have a consistent look. After all, the website look is what defines your business and it reflects how serious you are about your brand and product.

If the customer experiences the same look throughout the website, they would be able to identify the right product they are looking for. This helps to improve customer experience positively. Design your website with the right selection of colors, text, images, layouts and features that would reflect your brand identity and complement your website


First Impression:

When it comes to the first impression, studies reveal that the overall look and feel of the website contribute to 94%. With that, it’s also mandatory that your webpages should have a good interface and is user-friendly. The absence of these features may create distrust among the audience or shoppers. Other aspects like easy navigation and the appealing website design are the major contributing factor to create a positive first impression. Implementing the right design and industry-specific colors conveys the type of product you offer. Present your website in the best possible way to grab maximum customer attention of your brand impact.


Bouncing Rate:

Do you know the average bounce rate for an eCommerce store is 33.9%? The bounce rate means that the entry or the landing page is not performing well. The best alternative to identify the problem with the landing page is to perform the A/B testing. The A/B testing shows what designs work best for your multichannel selling eCommerce website and what does not. Bounce rate is categorized into three different types:


Website Interface

Your focus should be on the single metrics that is the conversion rate. A customer would not like to shop if your website has a poor designing interface. A great website design creates the first impression among your audience and convinces the audience to buy the product from your website. A user-friendly website allows the visitor to find what they are looking for and brand impact. Provide complete product information with the right sets of embedded images with ideal size, dimensions and resolution.



Website Security:

Another important aspect of website design is security. People would visit but won’t buy the product from your website if they find out that your website is not secured for online payments. Implement the right security features on your website and secure your site with HTTPS. This will assure the customers that their personal information is safe.


You should focus on a range of website components. To ensure that every aspect is working fine you should keep testing your website at frequent intervals. This would help you to know the pitfalls and you can thus rectify the errors instantly. To improve customer experience there is several ways you can opt for and make your eCommerce store a big success.