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Important eCommerce sales day and worst times of eCommerce sales

To attract the right customers at the right time is what eCommerce marketing is all about. If you are an online seller you should be aware of the holiday seasons and the important days on which customers usually shop regardless you are selling in your country or doing cross-border sales. You also need to check the time of the holiday seasons in the analytics to know the right time on which you can showcase your products to the audience on sales day and worst times.

As the year 2019 is coming to an end, let’s see which dates are best suited to advertise on your eCommerce store or platform and earn maximum profit:

November 28 – Thangs giving Day

This is the start of the season where American retailers experience higher business whether it be brick and mortar or online eCommerce stores. As per 2018 statistics, retailers of both stores experienced a 27% increase in sales on Thanksgiving with the online shoppers spending a total amount of approximately $3.7 billion.

November 29 – Black Friday

Black Friday broke records in the previous year i.e. in 2018. On this day people not only look for higher discounts but the best products as well. And they are keener to rest and shop at the comfort of their couch.

December 2 – Cyber Monday

Cyber Monday is the finale of the above two days. As compared to 2017, eCommerce online sales increased by 19% in 2018, making it one of the biggest online shopping days of the year. People utilized desktop and mobiles to shop on this day. Among the total sales, M-commerce recorded approximately $2.2 billion in sales.

At the end of the Cyber, Monday Weekend eCommerce Sales drastically falls. But don’t worry, we will provide you some of the best days of December to make the maximum sales.
You need to be on your toes the entire December and know the best days which you can target. So, let’s have a look at those days as well.
December 9 – Green Monday

Green Monday is always in the second month of December. This time it will be on 9th December. This was originally coined by the second-highest eCommerce platform i.e. eBay as a way to promote their biggest sales day of the month.

December 13 – Free Shipping days

Almost 55% of US shoppers look for free shipping while buying a product. Free shipping day is the best opportunity to attract such customers to your eCommerce platform and product. This is a great day to avoid expensive shipping fees and busy lines. The best day for both sellers and customers.

December 22 – Super Saturday

This is also known as the panic Saturday as it is the last Saturday before Christmas and a chance for last-minute shoppers. Super Saturday attracts over 150 million customers who are very desperate to find the perfect gift or products. This one-day sale is the best day to target as it outsells the other days of the December month.

December 26 – Boxing Days

So, as the Christmas week is about to end, the next date on which you can earn money is Boxing day. The brick and mortar stores have experienced great shopping history on this day. And many shoppers now look towards online eCommerce platforms to buy gifts and products.

There are several platforms and ways where you can advertise your products such as email, social media marketing, etc.

Let me give you some tip on which are the sales day and worst times for eCommerce sales:

Magic Mondays:

If you think people return to work after a good weekend and are more productive on Monday, then you would also be very surprised to know that many consumers prefer to shop on Mondays due to time constraints during weekends. This Monday shopping is not restricted to a certain season rather it is all year round.

Best hours of the Day:

So, every platform has a specific time for customer engagement. People browse Twitter and look at it as a news sharing platform. Twitter is mostly accessed between 5 am to 8 am. Facebook draws the highest engagement after dinner time between 10 pm to midnight. Emails are best checked between 8 am to 1 pm and then again after 5 am to 7 pm.

Summers are colder while winters are hotter on sales:

While we think that summers might attract the audience, but it’s not true. Summer seasons that is between May to August experience fewer sales and draw fewer customers. While the months like October, November, and December is the best period where most of the sellers see 40% of the annual sales happening.

Timing Matters for every product category:

While categories such as fashion retail that include footwear and apparel have steady sales graphs throughout the year, with more sales during the peak days.