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How to increase your conversion rate of eCommerce business in 2020

Looking for some tactics that can increase the conversion rate of your eCommerce business? First, have a look at some heart-wrenching secret. Do you know “You are one among the 47 billion websites currently swimming around the internet”? Among the 47 billion websites, 1.3 million are eCommerce sites and this is the figure of only the United States. I have not yet added the multichannel selling eCommerce websites of India, the UK and other countries.

It is estimated that approximately 6,50,000 businesses earn less than $1 million from multichannel selling. The average conversion rate of such websites is 2-3%. So, you need to work on your eCommerce marketing strategies very hard in order to stand out among such a big crowd.

We have listed down some of the best eCommerce solutions and conversion hacks that will help you to double the conversion rate of your business in 2020.

SPEED -Two seconds delay in conversion rate 

If your eCommerce multichannel selling website is taking more than 2 seconds to load, then 53% of the audience lose interest. Even a single second delay can result in a 7% reduction in conversion rates. If you’re a business that has a revenue of $5000 per day, a second delay might cost you $125,000 loss of revenue.

Here are some solutions that can help you to enhance your site performance and thus impact your multi-channel selling:

  1. Test Your Speed: The foremost step is to test the speed of your eCommerce website by using Google PageSpeed ( or something like Pingdom ( main motive here is to know the baseline speed of your multichannel selling eCommerce website.

  1. Check your hosting plan: Ensure that you are using a high-performing hosting version. The higher hosting version may cost you extra. But it would be worth it when looking into the conversion part.

  1. Optimize Images: There are so many tools available both free and paid, that can help optimize your images for website and mobile. The tools enhance your website load times by saving the storage space and bandwidth. Kraken is one of the best image optimizer tools that come for $5/month. If you don’t want to spend money on it then you have TinyPNG that comes for free. Utilize these tools and ensure that the images are not killing your site performance.


  1. Combine SEO and CRO:


Combine SEO and CRO to increase traffic and conversion rate

Your only goal shouldn’t be of driving the audience to your Multichannel selling eCommerce website. If people only visit your website and don’t buy your products, then your business is going to fail. Even though, your website is receiving heavy traffic.


SEO is the process through which your website is ranked higher on the Google page. The higher you rank on Google search engine, the more you can drive traffic, build brand awareness, and enhance your overall return on investment.

CRO is the process where it tests and changes your landing pages so that a major portion of your traffic gets encouraged to buy.

To optimize the SEO and CRO you need to strictly change three things on your website:

Some of the Keyword Research SEO tools:

Some of the CRO tools:


  1. Go Responsive

Responsive design means your eCommerce site will automatically respond to any device your visitor is using. High responsiveness means the website gets automatically resized as per the device. Pages should reload quickly and the visitors should be able to shop and make payments using the website or mobile.

So, don’t ignore mobile users and make your website mobile compatible. For this, adopt the mobile-first design strategies and enhance the ranking of your eCommerce multichannel selling website on every device.

  1. Improve your Copy

The internet is full of content. The biggest challenge faced by an eCommerce sits is: informing visitors, fostering relationships and driving actions.

A stronger Copywrite increases the conversion rate by 2.4 times. According to the study by a majority of your visitors scan your website rather than actually reading it. It’s an F-shape scanning pattern.

Start your content as such that would engage your customers.The subheadings in your content would help you to easily identify the sections that your customers feel is important to read. While writing keeps your target customers in mind.

  1. Go Visual:

To make your eCommerce multichannel selling a big success, it’s important to create high-quality images. The internet is a visual place.  A high-quality image would allow your visitor to understand how the product looks like. For that, you can check the product photography link ( and understand the basic tips of the product photography that would come in your budget.


Last but not least is the smooth navigation of your website regardless of the fact your customer is accessing the website on desktop, smartphone or tablet.