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How to get it back or Reactivate Amazon seller suspended account

Amazon is a very profitable eCommerce channel for manufacturers and retailers. Retailers who religiously follow the guidelines laid down by Amazon continue selling and even earn good profits. But if the sellers failed to abide by the guidelines, then Amazon would also not shy away from suspending their accounts. If you don’t want to come under the Amazon seller suspended account category then seriously follow even the minute things that are suggested by Amazon.

Amazon has many automatic triggers that lead to the suspension of the account. Sometimes sellers are not at all aware of the reason behind their Amazon seller suspended account. Amazon representatives are so brutal, while confronting the sellers on the Amazon support forum, that they give them the below responses:

sellers on Amazon support forum sellers whose Amazon account is suspended, not only have their large amount of marketing profits at stake but also their stock becomes immovable. While the marketplace is so strict that sometimes you don’t seem to have that positive outlook of getting reinstated on Amazon.

But if you are keen to sell on Amazon again then the sellers should take some impactful steps to know the Amazon concerns and address them. With this, you can create the scope of getting back to selling on the marketplace.

Investigate the reason for your Amazon Seller Suspended Account

Amazon will inform you of the cause in a technical language for the suspension of your account. But it may not give a detailed explanation on how your account has violated Amazon policies. To know more details, preview your Seller Central and identify the areas where you lack.

Below are the top reasons for your Amazon seller suspended Account:
  1. Poor Seller Performance

Amazon is very strict when it comes to seller performance metrics. If you cancel too many orders, have a low score on customer reviews, and don’t do timely shipping, then you are at a greater risk of account suspension.

Amazon is also very strict on sellers abiding product content policy. The product should have a suitable title, product images, bullet points, back-end search terms, and an ideal description with suitable keywords.

Make sure you are following Amazon’s minimum targets below:

  1. Seller Policy Violation

Amazon sellers should clearly understand the Amazon requirements before even signing up to sell. Sellers should make sure that Amazon rules are not violated by:

If you are abiding and familiar with the rules then you have room to negotiate with Amazon when your account is suspended.

  1. Selling Restricted Products

Amazon aims to maintain high-quality product information and inventory on its platform. Amazon marketplace also encourages sellers to report any kind of violation by another seller.  So, you should be every time checking your account to quickly catch the notices and contact the Amazon support center as soon as possible.

Steps for Reactivating the Amazon Suspended Accounts

Find out the actual reason for the suspension

First, analyze where you went wrong and so you can find the right solution. Read the suspension notice sent by Amazon to know the root of the problem.

Generate an action plan

Let Amazon know that you are a very reliable vendor. Your actions should include the following:

Appealing to Amazon

To reinstate your seller’s account, send a petition to Amazon. Use the below steps:

Bonus Tips for Successfully Reactivating Amazon Suspended Accounts

Amazon receives a lot of requests for reactivating the varied Amazon suspended accounts. To make your requests stand out use the below strategies:

Apart from appealing on Seller Central for reactivating the Amazon account, the seller can also email their plan of action on the email ID

But as a good entrepreneur, you should take the necessary strides to overcome the issue and enhance your business operations.