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How to Edit my negative reviews from Amazon

Every seller faces negative review issues. No one likes to experience a negative impact on their sales due to negative reviews.  When you look at the reviews on Amazon page, you will notice that every product has at least one negative review. The review might be of either the product or the services the seller is offering and some customers might not be happy.

Amazon being an eCommerce giant offers exclusive services to its sellers such as Amazon advertising services, Fulfillment by Amazon and many others. It also offers an array of options to its sellers so that they can make high-profit margins and do business with ease. But at the same time, it also has strict policies. Adhering the Amazon policies may give you good business sales and if you are not then the chances of suspension of your Amazon Seller Account is high. Negative reviews also largely contribute to the suspension of the Amazon account.

If you are following the proper guidelines and your product reviews are also satisfactory then there are chances of you winning the Buy Box. Feedback and price are the very important aspects for the Buy Box eligibility and Amazon business.

Your chances of product negative reviews alteration are possible when:


Is there an Option to edit my Amazon negative reviews by the customers?

You can ask your customer to either edit or delete your product reviews from their profile itself by following below steps:

Before the 1-star rating drags your product sales down you should take help of these golden tips in order to either hide or remove the negative reviews from your product listings:

Step 1: Check the Review

Don’t panic as you see the 1-star review. Review the feedback carefully and ask yourself:

Step 2: Report the negative review to Amazon Seller Support

Usage of bad words is against Amazon’s ToS. If this is the case, then you should simply contact Amazon Seller Support in order to remove such reviews.

Don’t think that your negative Amazon review will instantly change. Amazon very minutely scrutinizes it and if it’s valid then only it is changed.

If you find that the review was written by your competitor in order to pull your business down, then also you can report this to the Amazon seller support. You should have very strong evidence otherwise chances are very low of the reviews getting removed.

And If the reviews are from the real buyers and the chances are very less to get those reviews removed and then you should jump to step 4 directly.

Step 3: Contact the buyer through his personal Email ID

You need to have the contact details of the buyer in the first place to contact them. Amazon doesn’t provide the contact details and so it becomes hard for sellers to know who left the negative reviews. There are some tools and apps available in the market that helps to extract the email address of any Amazon reviewer. This would help you to interact with the customer and convince them to change it from 1-star to a satisfactory rating.

Step 4: Reply to the review

how do i edit my amazon reviews

If you don’t want to extract the email address and contact the buyer then the next step is to reply to the customer review on the Amazon page itself. Replying to the review immediately will show your proactiveness towards customer service.

Step 5: Ask someone to remove the review for you

There are some apps available that provide negative review removal service. These services have a success rate of 50%. The review removal obviously comes with a cost. If they are unable to remove the review for you, then they will refund you the payment within a few days.

Basic things to know and keep in mind while communicating with customers:

It’s better to take help of software for your business. For example, you can take help of KartzHub platform for multichannel selling so that you can concentrate on your customer concerns. Also set some standard FAQ’s so that to clear your customer queries.