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Grow your sales on the most famous platform-Instagram with Shopify

Instagram’s product friendly feeds and the super-engaged user base has built Shopify interest, and to consider it as their sales channel.

Instagram has become a popular shopping site in Australia, UK, Germany, France, Canada, Italy, Brazil and Spain, with users liking the images of the products and then buying it.

Last year Shopify started testing the ability of the US merchants in tagging the product and posting it during the holiday season and this went on to be a successful accomplishment.

The main objective of the Shopify’s is to help the merchants reach out to the maximum audience around the world. Shopify intends to invest more on social media platforms so that retailers can sell their products to the shoppers wherever they are.  Instagram has 500 million active users, which is a pretty good number to target as a sales channel. Instagram’s integration with Shopify will help easy selling and buying of products with the help of a mobile app.