Fed up with managing multiple marketplaces? 1-stop solution for problems

Introduction :

To succeed in the eCommerce world, you need to leverage multiple platforms. This helps you to reach to maximum audience and sell more. Acquiring such a huge audience and maintaining them is a very difficult task and to make it a success you need to adopt the latest trends in the eCommerce industry in managing marketplaces.

At the end of the day, instead of counting on your profits and preparing for the managing marketplace marketing strategies, you are left solving issues that may hamper your business badly.

So, let’s have a look at the common problems faced by all the online sellers and the solution for managing marketplaces :

Start with Listing:

If you have a single SKU, then it’s easy to manage the listing on all the platforms. But if you have multiple SKUs, and more than three eCommerce platforms to list on, then it becomes a tedious task.


In a listing eCommerce platform software, you just need to enter all the SKUs a single time and with one click it gets an update on all the eCommerce platforms.


Your competitors every now and then change the pricing of the products to attract customers. This affects your product sales.


There are various software, for example, Amazon repricing, that constantly checks other competitors’ pricing and will accordingly upgrade your product pricing.

Incoming Orders and Inventory Management:

So now your eCommerce store is set up, the next step is to receive orders. In manual processes as the order comes in, you don’t get notified, you have to manually check the eCommerce store continuously. Then after you receive the order you have to reduce the SKU number on every platform. Then again manually deduct it from your warehouse stock and then forward it for the fulfillment.


With order management software, you get notified as soon as the order comes in. You would be notified either through email or SMS. The inventory management software automatically deducts the SKU or product unit from every eCommerce platform and frequently updates it on any further change. It also manages the warehouse by deducting the final stock from the warehouse.

Order Fulfillment:

You should have the right logistic options to make your shipping fast, easy and with the lowest freight prices. Also, you have to pick, pack and then hand over the ordered product to the logistic partners. For this, you need to hire a few resources. Then you also have to mail your customer tracking details.


The best Shipping software allows you to select the right logistics partners that would have a lower price and fast shipping. The software would choose the logistic partner depending on the product and the location to be delivered. It would then automatically email your customer with the tracking details.

SKU Management:

While dealing with several products and huge stock, you should have an established SKU methodology for your listing across multiple eCommerce platforms you are selling on. It goes on becoming a little tricky as you start dealing with multiple vendors who might use different product codes. It would be better if you can systematically start creating and aligning your SKUs at the beginning of product listing on multiple eCommerce channels.

Conclusion :

Here we have discussed the step by step methods and various software needed for various processes. What if, you get all this under one roof. Yes, KartzHub software is a one-stop solution for all your eCommerce management needs. You can list, update pricing, manage orders, inventories, shipping and accounting on a single platform.

You don’t have to access multiple software to complete the selling process. The processes can be done sitting at one single place. Being a cloud-based software, you can easily access the data to make changes, fulfill orders from anywhere in the world.

KartzHub’s Multi-channel order and inventory management software allow you to even view your sales report and know which product sells more and which does not.