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Etsy CEO Josh Silverman & Kruti Patel Goyal will now answer the queries of sellers

CEO Josh Silverman of Etsy and GM Kruti Patel Goyal of seller services would now make themselves available for sellers and would answer all their queries and doubts. Many Etsy sellers were already waiting for this innovative move, as they were facing many doubts related to variations and wanted text boxes for personalized items.

The release of the video is expected to be on the week of 19th March 2018, while the queries of sellers and voting’s were open till 5th March 2018. Based on the queries of sellers and suggestions from the previous community, Q & A forums and videos some of the popular and frequently asked questions would be answered in the video by Josh and Kruti.

Many sellers on Etsy are very keen to see such functionality changes to happen, especially with personalized goods. So, if someone wants personalized goods like curtains, garments, cakes and many such things, then Etsy might offer a seller with some help.

As per reports, Etsy is doing pretty well business. For the first time ever, in the last three months of 2017 Etsy made a business of $1 billion. It is very important for Etsy to stay strong and play well where marketplaces like Amazon and eBay strive hard and add-on clever functionalities in order to remain on the top and be competitive.

During the previous two Q & A’s that was in August and December 2017, Josh responded to many of the questions. You can check that out at the below links:

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