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Efficient shipping facility to run your eCommerce Business smoothly

It’s the era where Amazon Prime and eBay Fast & Free, with their fast Efficient shipping options, deliver products to the customers within 24 hours. These delivery services are not only fast and prompt but also light on seller’s pockets, as it proportionally affects their profit. There are ample shipping companies available for delivering e-commerce goods, but KartzHub is the platform that would provide you with the best shipping options for Malaysia.

After a seller receives an order it becomes vital for him/her to process and deliver it to the customer as scheduled. There is a great chance of a satisfied customer converting into a repeat customer. Shipping being a big responsibility, you cannot focus on it every time, because marketing and other activities need to have more focus on order procurement.

What if a single platform fulfills all your business requirement like, Order and inventory management, Efficient shipping carriers and Accounting?

KartzHub specializes in different operations of shipping like Bulk shipping, Multi-Carrier shipping and many more.

In whichever region or country, you sell, your product would have the best picking, packing and tracking options with the kartzHub’s Multi-Carrier Shipping Software.

Every business has different needs, at KartzHub there are many shipping carriers to choose from depending on the pricing, features and support you require for your business.

This centralized E-commerce shipping integration and Multi-Carrier software with several integrated shipping carriers fulfill all types of shipping needs for sellers.

How the Multi-Carrier software of KartzHub works?

We don’t force the shipping carriers on sellers.Kartzhub platform is very transparent and the sellers can depend on it largely to know the shipping cost of per product and channel. To know more, you can try our free 14-day trial.