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Ecommerce trends that drive sales to you in 2019

The year 2018 was an incredibly profitable year for the entire eCommerce industry. The worldwide revenue generated by the eCommerce industry amounted to $2290 billion. It is estimated by the marketers and researchers that the annual rate may rise to 19.11 percent which would amount to $4479 Billion by the end of 2021. If you want to be part of this growth, then just product marketing and selling will not work. With so many sellers on board and so much competition, you need to think out of the box. And the right thing to do is adopt the latest trends in drive sales to eCommerce.

I will not give you the same list of monotonous trends that every other blog provides. Though it would be similar but are the most important ones. I would be providing only a few of the latest trends in eCommerce that sellers are adopting and finding that positive difference in their selling.

A lot of changes in the eCommerce industry have taken place within the last decade, with the emergence of a lot of new trends.  The eCommerce giants like Amazon, Walmart, and Alibaba were the first to adopt it and benefit from the trends that drive sales.

The latest trends in eCommerce emerge from various aspects like how customers shop, what they buy, how they respond to various marketing tactics and many more.

So, through some research I have listed down a few of the important latest trends in ecommerce that every seller should adopt drive sales :


Best Ecommerce Multi-Channel Platform that drive sales :

The foremost thing you should focus on is how to manage your business easily. Take advantage of the best multichannel eCommerce listing software to make your business processes automated.

The best multichannel eCommerce software allows you to manage the entire eCommerce processes with few clicks and eliminate the need for hiring extra resources. The multichannel eCommerce platform helps you save money and also a time while allowing you to focus on other business aspects. With the best sales order management software, you get to list on multiple channels only with few clicks.


Programmatic and Contextual Advertising:

We can see examples of contextual advertising on Facebook and Youtube. Social media sites are loaded with such videos of few seconds that attract a huge audience. The social media platform advertising tactics don’t just end here, they constantly revamp the video designs to cater to these trends.

The new trend known as the programmatic advertising leverage data sets to decide the target audience. Based on the browsing history, the ads are displayed to a particular audience. The audience viewing the ads is then retargeted after some period of time to generate higher ROI.

This type of advertising helps to tempt the right audience with the right ads at the right moment. With programmatic advertising, the eCommerce sellers have a better chance to reach the right and larger set of audience.

For example, Google Admob very tactfully shows video in between mobile games. When one level of the game ends, the video ad appears with an appealing offer. These ads don’t seem much interrupting.

Marketing Automation:

The next big thing that the sellers should focus on is marketing automation. It is more to it and has become the latest eCommerce trend. It covers easy-to-access shopping carts and customized landing pages.

The marketing automation will let you:


Artificial Intelligence:

Want to create personalized recommendations for each user? You need to take help of artificial intelligence that leverage intelligent algorithm to identify varied patterns of customer browsing history and customer segmentation. To gain more sales, you need to implement personalized strategies and artificial intelligence can largely help you. The biggest example is Netflix. The technology analyzes the user behavior, choices, interests and history and accordingly suggests movies and various series.


Many other latest eCommerce trends also contribute to driving eCommerce sales such as mobile commerce, blockchain, Augmented reality, Social payments and many more. The above trends which I have suggested are the most important of all. The sales order management software will relieve you from all listing and selling stress, while contextual advertising, marketing automation and artificial intelligence will give an edge to your selling and help you sell more and earn more.