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What is eCommerce marketing automation software?

Know the features of the ecommerce automation software before buying

Businesses always look for different ways to increase the conversion rate and sales. Most of them experiment with different things just to be on the top in any of the search engines and eCommerce marketplaces.

Why a business focusses more on marketing?

The main aim of marketing a product is to increase business revenue. When we use the best marketing eCommerce automation software it helps to generate higher quality and quantity leads. That eventually turn the leads into your customers.

What is eCommerce marketing automation?

It is the process where a dedicated software is used to manage repetitive marketing tasks. For example, to send automated emails and social media posts based on your visitors or customers actions or activities. Offering upsells and cross-sells based on the user’s shopping activity is a form of marketing automation.

For the best marketing activity, you require data such as user’s email ID, previous purchases history, or social media activity. Thus, the marketing tool you are buying should be integrated with your multichannel eCommerce software, in order to make your marketing more fruitful.

Benefits of the best marketing multichannel automation software

There are many of the marketing automation features offered by the service providers like triggered transactional and customized segmentation notices. For smaller businesses, aiming for moderate business the above features are enough.  But to target a larger set of audience a more sophisticated automation tool is necessary.

Let us see what are the benefits you can get from the best marketing eCommerce integration software:

Nurture Campaigns: With this type of campaigns you can create a journey for your email subscribers at every moment, depending on their activities. The nurture campaigns in the best marketing ecommerce integration software would capture your users every activity such as account opens, website visits, clicks and purchases to automatically send the customized emails.

For example: When someone signs up, the seller should automatically send the welcome mail with the latest products and special offers. If the user does not respond to the mail, the seller should be able to send another email a week later with a more appealing offer. And if the user responded to the first mail then the seller should be able to send an email of some relevant product offer.

Dynamic Content: This is one of the most important features an ecommerce multichannel marketing automation software should have. In dynamic content, a seller should be able to change the email content automatically for each subscriber. For example, depending upon the user’s city and state, insert the offers that are relevant to the user’s region. This eliminates the need to create different types of mailers.

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Segmentation: Segmenting Email campaigns based on the customer’s purchase history would allow you to send relevant product updates, recommendations, targeted discounts. For example, if a customer has purchased a highly priced biker helmet, then the tool should be able to send the relevant Emails of biking accessories like hand gloves, biker jackets, or shoes.

Analysis: While selecting the marketing eCommerce integration software, see to it that the software is able to analyze every aspect and showcase the information of a user in one place. If you have the best ecommerce integration software, it will allow you to integrate with the marketing software. This will enable you to view the website traffic information, sales report, and email marketing statistics at one single place. With this integration, you don’t need to maintain multiple tools.

Dynamic Product Offerings:  This option enables you to send your users with emails based on the product they have recently browsed on your website. This is not offered by every marketing ecommerce automation software. So, you need to check on the options while buying the tools. Have you ever wondered that as we browse anything on Amazon, after some span of time we get an email of that particular browsed product with applicable discounts? This is what an ecommerce marketing automation tool does.

Drawbacks of eCommerce marketing automation software

Not every product is perfect, they do come with some flaws. So, let us see below the few flaws of ecommerce integration software.

Price: Many small businesses are not able to afford higher priced tools during their initial years of business. The best ecommerce marketing automation tools are very expensive. But if you are opting for the less expensive tools then you might not get all the features discussed above.

Complex Setup: In some of the marketing automation tools, you have to go through complex procedures during their initial setup. To integrate your ecommerce platform with the tool you might need a consultant to help you and create the basic functionalities. It might take a few days for the ecommerce marketing automation tool to be fully functional.

Expertise: Marketing automation software is around for almost a decade, but not many of them know about it. To get the hands-on experience you need to give a little bit of your time so that you can learn every aspect of this tool.

How to Choose the best marketing automation multichannel ecommerce software??
Few things to consider for selecting the marketing automation software

Total cost: The tool usually includes monthly platform fees, initial setup expenditure and additional expenditure for integrating with your existing platforms and systems.

Integration: Make sure that the ecommerce marketing automation tool can be easily integrated with your ecommerce platform, other marketing tools and customer relationships software.

Capabilities: List down what all the features the marketing tool can provide. List your marketing goals and see if it matches with the marketing tool features.

Support: Know what kind of support the provider can offer you? Is it email, phone or chat support? Also, ask your provider during the time of emergency are there any instant support options? What is the response time of the support?

Migration: The marketing tool you are buying should be easily able to migrate the data from the current platform to the marketing automation tool? Will there be any data loss during migration? Some marketing automation tool provides comprehensive migration assistance.

Before buying any of the ecommerce marketing automation tool, ensure that you are getting all the above feature. Depending on your business some providers might also give the option of eliminating some features which would save your money.