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eBay made uploading tracking details mandatory

Uploading tracking details now mandatory for eBay sellers

Business and Private sellers of eBay now would have to strictly follow the new regulation of uploading tracking details of the shipped items. The sellers who ship their products to the customer through tracking details mandatory shipping service have to abide by this rule.

Even if you send the tracking information to the buyer through the Email, still eBay won’t be able to protect you from the claim made by the buyer. One of the eBay officials stated that “We recommend all the sellers to upload the tracking details as soon as the seller ships the item”.eBay made uploading tracking details mandatory


Do you get the acceptance scan for your on-time delivery metric?

We at KartzHub, always recommend every seller to upload the tracking details at the time of shipment as this is the best practice that helps to make your processes systematic. Some of the sellers upload the tracking details only if a buyer complained about the late arrival of the ordered product. Many sellers are of the view that eBay on-time delivery metric only works for small sellers sending parcels through Royal Mail. Big Businesses having bulk orders receive the delivery acceptance scan at a later date than the date they dispatched or even sometimes miss out the acceptance scan. This makes their on-time delivery metric claiming the big businesses shipped late.

Obviously, this is a very unusual announcement we are experiencing by eBay authorities. Being an eBay seller, you can sell through KartzHub platform to avoid such hiccups and be positively measured on eBay’s on-time delivery metric scale.