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Domestic shoppers go cross border shopping

Fashion is in the brim in today’s generation. People are always on the lookout of the best products ideal for a party or daily wear. And chances are that they may even buy if they feel that the product is worth the money.  The eCommerce technology has helped the sellers, to perform cross border shopping sales and expand customer base internationally.

In this article, let’s have a look at some interesting statistics and valuable insights. This would help you to optimize your online eCommerce platform for customers from all around the world.

The cross-border shopping by the customers around the world has drastically enhanced the eCommerce industry.  While the USA comes second that is 21%, followed by the UK i.e. 14%, then Germany 10% and last is the Japan with 5%.

Trending Gadgets used for shopping on eCommerce Platforms

Most of the cross border shopping purchases are made using laptops or computers. Mobile gadgets being handy should be targeted as it is used for browsing social media platforms, playing video games, watching YouTube videos and many more. Mobile gadgets include tablets, smartphones, game consoles or smart TVs. The Bitkom survey claims that among the eCommerce shoppers 50% of them made a purchase via smartphones. Even the shoppers from Africa, the Middle East, APAC, and LATAM prefer to shop from mobile phones while ditching the old school devices.

Important Aspects that Cross Border Shopping Look For

If you are a seller who is into multichannel selling, then cross-border selling is not that difficult. There are various multichannel order management software, that makes your cross-border selling easier. Potential customers tend to reach overseas sellers at the same speed as the local sellers. But as you sell your goods worldwide, you need to focus on certain important aspects so that you can offer foreign audience with the good customer shopping experience.

Unique or cheap product – But faster delivery

The main motivation for purchasing any goods from online is the lower price and the very next factor is faster deliveries. Only the unique and not locally available products are purchased from foreign websites. Customers look for quality and unique products, for example, Korean Facemask that is not available locally in India or the USA. To enjoy the Korean facemask many consumers won’t even think about the pricing but faster deliveries are a must.

The best solution for this is to find a stable logistics partner, who would help you to shorten the shipping times and securely deliver the product. Switch to the latest eCommerce technology, and opt for the best order management software that helps you to choose the ideal logistics companies and makes your order fulfillment easier and faster.

Good Reviews are Valuable:

A study shows that customers pay more attention to foreign websites reputation and policies. They also look for product ratings on eCommerce platforms. Foreign customers focus less on the design quality of the website. And so positive reviews are a must for attracting an audience and gaining potential customers. You also need to maintain a clear and fair policy, claiming complete customer privacy, safe and secure shopping experience.  If a customer feels safe while shopping on your website and gains product trust, then they tend to make informed purchasing decisions. And they can become your repeat customer as well.

Safety First

The fear of fraud is the only reason, why some of the customers refrain themselves from completing the order. If you are into cross border shopping sales, then you need to check that, even the slightest factors of the website should not make a customer feel unsafe to shop.  To gain trust, safety, can be conveyed to customers on their preferred language. When you are aiming to target several countries and markets, a multi-language website and great customer service are an added advantage.

If you are a small-scale seller who is new to the cross border shopping sales then it’s advisable to choose a service provider who could help you to understand how to trade in other countries. Another cost-saving option is to leverage the inventory management software that is embedded with the latest eCommerce technology. It will help you to do the processes of listing in multiple channels and cross border sales smoother and in an easier way.

Keep your Pricing Transparent:

Nobody likes to be in the dark when it comes to import duties and taxes cost. Showing only the product cost at first and then at final checkout revealing the other hidden costs may lead to increased bounce rates. As per the customer survey, it’s best to show the relevant cost and maintain complete transparency. Also, it’s best to make provisions so that customers can do the payment in their local currency.

To make your cross border shopping  selling easier, look no further than KartzHub. KartzHub offers the best multichannel order management software, that allows you to easily list the product on multiple channels. It makes the order management automated and effortless. You also get the flexibility to display the fees in various currencies. Moreover, your customer can comfortably track the delivery status of the product.