Tops eCommerce Shipping Tips


Offering a flawless shopping experience is the prime goal of all ecommerce businesses. But sometimes shipping proves to be the biggest obstacle in the flawless service road. So today, we have combined some of the highly recommended and useful ecommerce shipping tips. But before anything, make sure to check out our ecommerce shipping management tools.

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Top Ecommerce Shipping Tips

1. Right Team is Important

The right team is a vital requirement to offer a flawless shopping experience to customers. Hire the right talent with experience in shipping in the past organisation. For example, hire a person who can flawlessly handle shipping marketing. They can be able to develop strategies to attract shipping promotions like free shipping or flat rate shipping. Or you can find talent that takes care of the customer’s order where his prime responsibility is to check the appropriate product packaging and check if the product is shipped at the time and right address.

2. Product’s Weight Matters

Efficiency is the key if you wish to stand out in the business. Establish a process that offers a flawless experience. You must continuously update the weight of the products as it will allow you to set the right price of products plus determine the shipping cost. The right shipping charges can significantly differentiate you and your competitors.

3. Free Shipping

Free shipping can be an attractive marketing policy to grab more customers in your bucket. Please make an effort to go free shipping even by adding the shipping cost to the product price, as it is an important factor that customers consider before making an online purchase.

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4. Update

Like business owners, customers also do not like the mystery. So please keep them in the loop when the product is shipped. Send them the tracking code and update them about the delivery date. These small steps boost loyalty in the long run.

5. Transparency at Checkout

The chances of an abandoned cart get high when customers discover the hidden charges at the time of checkout. Shoppers should know how much they need to pay, and a sudden hike will create a negative impression on customers’ minds.

Factors Determine Shipping Cost:

Various factors affect the shipping cost, and the following are some:

1. Distance

Distance is calculated between the destination and the origin. Other factors, like insurance, handling charges, etc., determine the shipping cost. Different companies offer different rates.

2. Package Size

The bigger the package, the higher the cost and vice versa. Many sellers take help from third parties for flawless services. The courier charges also increase with the package size.

3. Package Weight

Sometimes small but valuable items may cost more. Dimension weight is an important factor that helps to determine cost.


We hope the article offers you some valuable shipping tips for a better experience for your customers. You can hire our ecommerce shipping management services to eliminate the long wait for shipping. At Sellershub, we offer shipping and channel integration. Hire us today and level up your ecommerce business.