Sellershub is an all-in-one Linnworks
alternative for you and your customers

affordable pricing

Reason 1
Affordable Pricing

Unlike Linnworks and other competitors,
our monthly rates are not based on profit
sharing and includes unlimited users. In fact,
at Sellershub, you’ll pay the same price
monthly without the surprise of an increase
in charge as you would with linnworks.

Reason 2
All-Access Customer Support

Need some assistance? We are here for you within the platform and over phone and email. We know you need to train your staff and also require assistance that is why we record videos for you and your team to learn key features.

customer support
ongoing development

Reason 3
Customer-Driven, Ongoing Development

While Linnworks is also known for being the the first in the market they have become less responsive less and less responsive over the years towards their clients. Customer support is the foundation of our company culture and embedded right in the Sellershub DNA, so you can be sure we’ll go an extra mile. We may not have every feature (yet), but we’re getting there. Just take a look at our progress over the last month/year, we are continually investing in our platform based on the desires of our users.

Sellershub vs Linnworks Review

Bulk for retail

For the Sellers by the Sellers

Sellershub is specifically designed by ex-Linnworks users and thanks to the help of over 3 top amazon 100 sellers. This means we understand your day to day flow perfectly.


For the Sellers by the Sellers

Having a system which can take on add-on means you’ll never have to worry about outgrowing the system in the future. This is because you can keep attaching on more modules to match your requirements.


For the Sellers by the Sellers

It’s hard to find a one size fits all when it comes to reporting. We have a special range of reports and the option to customize accordiing to your needs

If you are set up and running on Linnworks here’s why switching and
prospering on Sellershub is easy.

When is comes to switching to a new system the two worries are that you’ll take an optional hit to your day-to-day work and the other side to consider is whether your employees will be ok with the change.

For some business its hard to imagine changing, so here’s how we’ve made the transition smooth for over 100 users.

Don’t switch your current system off until you are OR you’re fully confident with your Sellershub set up. Running two systems along side each other is easy and will mean you have no doubts before the Sellershub Go Live day. 

Leave the technical stuff to the experts. Our team can handle the full transfer or assist your IT team with this to make sure everything is setup perfectly.

Our interface is amazing and not too diffrent to your current platform. The user experince is truly going to impress your team and we’ll be happy to provide ongoing training.