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Challenges faced by eCommerce Sellers and their best solutions

Overall the web has a very casual approach but you cannot afford to make your online store look casual or provide services in a disorganized way. In the era, where your day to day life depends on this internet of things (IoT), the Ecommerce industry is one of the brightest stars. As per the statistics, the eCommerce sales are projected to reach more than $600 billion business by the end of 2019. Looking into the figures, we can say that eCommerce is definitely a powerful industry with best solutions.

As eCommerce is a profitable industry, it doesn’t mean that every ecommerce seller around the clock is consistently making money. There are various challenges faced by not only the small but big companies while selling online.  Starting an eCommerce business is an easy task if you have the right product, marketing strategies and know where to sell, but developing and moving to the top is the hardest part. You have to take care of each and everything from website maintenance, inventory management, to customer service.

Major Challenges faced by most of the eCommerce sellers

Absence of identity verification online

Whenever a visitor signs up in an eCommerce website, the portal is unaware of the customer except for the details he/she has provided. The customers are reliable or not is questionable. The problem arises when the customer has opted for cash-on-delivery during purchase because here revenue losses might occur if the contact details provided by the customer is fake. This happens even with the Amazon sellers.

best solutions :

To keep yourself on a safer side you can solve this challenge by implementing below strategies:

Staying ahead in the Game

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There is always someone who will try to beat you, it might be the old competitor or some new establishments which might have just popped up from somewhere. In this eCommerce world, you might see too many competitors who are offering the same services and products as what you are offering. You should have the best strategy in place so that you can differentiate yourself in front of your customer and survive in the game.

best solutions :

While starting any business whether online or offline you should be aware of what your competitors are offering and what strategies they are applying to attract customers. So, let us see how we can make this workout

Maintaining Customer loyalty

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No matter how fancy your website may look or how systematic and easy your checkout process may be. If you are not able to gain customer trust and build loyalty then you will have to struggle as an eCommerce seller/ amazon seller.

It takes lots of efforts and marketing to make a new customer and maintaining them for a long time. eCommerce business faces the struggle of gaining that trust from their customers because in an online business a buyer and a seller don’t know each other, unlike a brick and mortar store. Only after a few successful transactions, the customer starts trusting the online seller.

best solutions :

You want to earn customer loyalty, then the only solution is to provide exclusive customer service.

Now how to provide this??

Make sure you maintain transparency with your customer during the shopping till shipping process. Everything should be streamlined and on time, while even the product packaging should be up to the mark. There are many ecommerce sellers online who might be selling a similar product like yours. To make your services and products unique identify your competitive advantage and nurture your customers accordingly.

Few simple steps you can follow to increase the trust among the audience

 Loss on Product return and Refund

When the product is returned due to any of the reasons like the product was damaged or the customer was dissatisfied, the eCommerce sellers/amazon sellers suffer loss that includes loss of reputation and money wastage on shipment.

best solutions :

Return and refund are a part of great customer service, therefore we cannot ignore it. Any customer before purchasing a product would look for the return policy and then buy the product. So, the best thing you can do is build a strong return policy that favors you as well. You should include the following:

Data Security Issues

Security issues are the major problem faced by many companies/eCommerce sellers/amazon sellers. Fraudster post lot of spam that sometimes attacks your web host server and thus may infect your website with viruses. These viruses may help a hacker or a fraudster to get all your contact and credit card details.

best solutions :

Manage your own server if possible and do not let your business use common FTP to transfer files. FTP is prone to theft. Open Wi-fi networks sometimes become the cause of you losing your confidential data and password to the hackers or thief. So constantly update your passwords and shopping carts to minimize the risk of theft.